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What qualities should a patient look for in Sheen Dental?

It is no secret that dental phobia is one of the foremost reasons that prevent patients from seeking professional dental care. At our clinic, Sheen Dental in Richmond, we hold the philosophy that by providing exceptional dental care for all our patients, we can change perceptions and attitudes towards dental health.

At Sheen Dental in Richmond we have painstakingly built a reputation that is second to none for performing consultations, assessments and procedures to the highest standards. Our dental practitioners are able to do this by ensuring we include, as a core part of our services, a number of highly desirable qualities every reputable dental clinic should have.

6 Must-have qualities of a good dental clinic

1. A focus on educating patients

Our dental practitioners place particular emphasis on educating patients and taking the time to explain treatments and procedures so that they can make informed decisions about their dental health. We believe that it is only when patients have all the relevant information at hand that they are more inclined to be proactive about oral health.

2. On-trend with latest innovations and dental technologies

A good dentist will make use of new technologies, tools, and equipment to ensure they provide the best outcomes for their patients. New developments take place all the time and it is important for dental clinics to keep up-to-date with trends that streamline processes, and increase the success rate of treatments. At Sheen Dental in Richmond we are happy to invest in those innovations that allow us to take the quality of dental care we offer to a higher level. 3. Compassionate care

Adopting a compassionate approach in providing dental care is very much a part of what we do. We appreciate that for some patients, dental phobia is a reality and we do our best to put patients’ anxieties at ease. We encourage patients who would usually avoid the dentist to contact us and address this issue so that we can find a way forward.

4. Professionalism of staff

We believe that professionalism extends beyond that of qualifications and experience. While these are the cornerstones of a professional dental practice, we also consider what is in the best interests of our patients. We are not aloof dentists who carry out procedures with indifference, but professionals with the relevant interpersonal skills who enjoy interacting with our patients.

5. A commitment to ongoing professional development

No industry is stagnant, least so, the dental industry. Remarkable innovations continue to sweep into the dental world and we are excited to learn about them as are our patients to hear about them. The desire to keep on learning helps to keep us motivated and focused on treating our patients to the best of our abilities.

6. Pleasant and welcoming environment

Providing superior service excellence begins as soon as a patient enters our clinic, and continues to the time that they leave. Our reception area is comfortable, and staffed by a capable, friendly and efficient team.

A great dental care experience is more than just receiving basic dental care. Patients should feel confident in the dentist’s abilities and trust in their approach to treatment. For service with a warm friendly smile, contact us at Sheen Dental.


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