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Do I need a dentist?

Having a good relationship with your dentist can allow you to maintain a clean and healthy mouth for as long as possible. Taking care of your mouth, with the help and advice from your dentist can allow you to prevent issues such as periodontal disease from occurring further down the line. A good relationship with your dentist can allow you to improve your smile to the point where you are comfortable with your smile again. This article will run through who we are as a practice, the treatments that we offer, why you should consider coming to our practice and what your next steps should be.

Who are Sheen Dental?

We are a practice who puts emphasis on putting the needs of our patients first. Any patient who steps into Sheen Dental in Richmond will be met with a warm welcome and will be given the highest form of dental treatment. We aim to give all of our patients quality dental care whilst in a calming and relaxed atmosphere. We rise above what is simply expected of us and aim to give patients the best experience possible when they set foot in our dental practice. We are a practice who will make every effort to ensure that all of our patients get the treatment and advice that they need.

What treatments do you offer?

If you consider Sheen Dental in Richmond as your new practice then you can be assured that you will be given the highest standard of treatment. We can offer treatments in an array of areas from general dentistry, to cosmetic dentistry and even to treatment such as facial aesthetics. Patients can, therefore, be assured that whatever their needs concerning their teeth or skin, these needs can be met in order to fulfil our patient’s goals. Our treatments are accessible and available to all of our patients. We will work with our patients to work out what will be the best course of action for each individual.

Why should I consider your practice?

Patients should consider our practice because we utilize the most up to date technologies. We have access to a CT Scanner and have utilized an Online Booking system allowing our clients to access their appointments when they need to do so. We also have the capabilities to use SMS text, reminders and email facilities to best connect with our patients. Our practice has been under the current ownership for over 25 years showing our dedication to our community. We have been treating generations of local families and have a team of highly experienced and qualified members.

What should I do next?

If you like the ethos of our Sheen Dental in Richmond then you should consider getting in touch with us here at Sheen Dental. We can then begin to move into a position where we can help you to take care of your smile to the best of your ability. We will take the time to get to know you so we can be there to carry out your dental needs as they arise. You could also have a look at our website to read about the treatments that we offer in more detail so you can make a more informed choice about which treatment could be for you.


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