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Orthodontics Braces Richmond

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Adults choose orthodontics for many reasons such as to improve their image and self-confidence, treat dental problems such as a poor bite or crowded teeth. When teeth are crowded they are harder to clean and the gums can become inflamed and even painful. Sometimes this may result in severe periodontal problems causing your teeth to become mobile and even result in tooth loss. Orthodontic treatment can prevent or even improve these dental issues from getting worse.

Adult orthodontics is not only about aesthetics and enhancing your smile but improving the overall function and keeping your teeth for life.

Children's Braces & Orthodontics

A child's first orthodontic check-up should be from the age of 7, especially if parents have concerns about their child's teeth and facial development. Growth in a child is such an important aspect of children's orthodontics, so the sooner the appointment the better as this will detect early problems and a suitable treatment can be devised.

Depending how complicated your treatment is will determine how long your treatment will take. Early orthodontics (interceptive treatment) is usually when your child has mixed dentition, adult and baby teeth. This can take 3 to 9 months. Fixed braces are usually recommended around the ages of 11-12 in girls and 12-13 in boys and typically last 18-24 months.

Having braces as a teenager will treat all abnormalities of the bite, teeth and jaw. The effects of orthodontic treatment are so significant that it will help avoid dental problems later in your child's adult life.

"My new smile has made me more confident re smiling and I feel it has brightened my whole appearance. It looks natural..."

- J -


Specialist Orthodontist

Relaxed Atmosphere


Adult Braces & Orthodontics


Dr Fotis Stavaras


DDS (2002), MSc in Orthodontics (2010)
Specialist Orthodontist
GDC No. 85188


 There is absolutely no age limit to having braces. Many adults would not have received orthodontic treatment when they were younger. Others may have received treatment but did not persist with the retention phase and may not have worn their retainers. This would've then resulted in relapsing and teeth becoming misaligned. Adult's who wish to straighten their teeth can definitely opt for Orthodontics.

     This is just a short note to thank Dr Photis and his nurse for the excellent orthodontic treatment that I received. On all my visits they addressed all my concerns and questions both in a professional and compassionate way.

I am absolutely thrilled with the results and would recommend anyone who is debating about braces who is not a teenager to get it done.

- J Nielson

     From the first appointment with Dr Stavaras I knew I found the perfect orthodontist to correct my daughters smile.

Dr Stavaras always took the time to explain the course of treatment and how to best maximise results. My daughter (and I) are delighted with the end result and are grateful for the patience and encouragement DR Stavaras has given throughout this course of treatment.


Thank you for the great smile.

- Mrs S Olivieri

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