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Sheen Dental in Richmond: Over 100 years in service

Here at Sheen Dental in Richmond, we pride ourselves in offering excellent care within a relaxed and friendly environment. We recognise that patients need to feel secure in the knowledge that they are being treated by experts who will make them feel at ease from the moment they walk through the door. With such extensive experience in patient care, we are confident you are in safe hands, whatever your treatment.

What we offer

Gone are the days of a simple scale and polish! At Sheen Dental in Richmond, we offer a wide range of services from general dental care to dental implants, teeth whitening, teeth straightening and facial aesthetics. We aim to make you feel confident about your smile and feel happy to laugh out loud whenever the mood takes you!

Tell me more

Teeth whitening is the number one cosmetic treatment in the UK. For that reason, we offer a couple of teeth whitening treatments, including in-house Zoom whitening, which can lighten your teeth by up to several shades in as little as an hour’s time. Your teeth are covered with a gel and a special light is shone onto them; this activates the gel and it gently penetrates your teeth, breaking up the discolouration and stains. It’s a fast and effective way to brighten up your teeth and we’re here to take you through it every step of the way.

For teeth straightening, we have a range of options from traditional fixed metal braces to removable, clear and invisible braces. We know that straightening your teeth isn’t just about looking good, but it also enables you to brush and floss your teeth and gums effectively, which is why it is so important. For fixed braces, we have a discreet option with lingual braces where the brackets and wires are placed on the backs of the teeth. We also offer invisible braces that use clear plastic trays for your teeth and can’t be seen as they are being worn, and can be removed for eating and drinking. They apply gentle pressure to the teeth in order to move them into position.

If you have a missing tooth, several missing teeth or need a whole new set, we can provide dental implants. This involves having small titanium screws inserted into the jawbone onto which crowns or dentures can then be fixed to give you securely fitted replacement teeth that act almost completely like your natural ones. You should be able to eat and drink as normal after the completion of your treatment and nobody should know that you don’t have your natural teeth!

For facial aesthetics, we offer the latest in anti-wrinkle treatments without surgery. We use an anti-ageing injectable treatment that softens wrinkles and gives you a more youthful appearance. Dentists have an excellent knowledge of facial anatomy, so it makes sense to have a dentist administering this treatment to the face in a precise and delicate way, as dentists know all about this! It’s a pain-free treatment and the results should last for a few months too.

So, if you’re looking for a dental practice that offers extensive services and excellent care, come and visit us at Sheen Dental; we’ll make you smile in no time!


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