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There’s no age limit to beautiful straight teeth with clear and invisible braces in Richmond

Many people think that once a person gets beyond, say, about 20 years old, all opportunities to have their teeth straightened have passed, and the teeth are now permanently locked into place in their jaw. But at Sheen Dental we know the truth: your teeth can be repositioned in the jaw, no matter what your age.

In fact, the reason why, until recently, almost all adults would not even consider wearing braces in Richmond, was because of the embarrassment factor associated with ‘a mouth of full of metal’.


Now, however, they do not have to choose between feeling self-conscious about their crooked, misaligned or crowded teeth, and feeling self-conscious about heavy metal braces to correct them. This is because the technology of orthodontics is always moving forward, and now offers clear braces, or braces that are positioned in the mouth so as to be almost unnoticeable.

Clear braces technology comes to you courtesy of Invisalign at Sheen Dental in Richmond. Braces, in the traditional sense, are not needed, because Invisalign technology uses custom-made transparent trays that fit over your teeth, and gradually and gently shift them into their new position. The trays are made from smooth, comfortable BPA-free plastic that will not irritate your gums and cheeks. Your dentist at Sheen Dental will take impressions of your teeth and map out the journey they need to take in your mouth, and then each tray in a series uses gentle forces to take them one step along the road to straightening out. You wear the tray for between 20 and 22 hours a day, taking them out to eat and clean your teeth. Depending on the severity of your case, Invisalign treatment can last from six to 24 months.

Another method of discreet teeth straightening is the lingual brace. Lingual braces fit on the inside of the teeth, next to the tongue, rather than on the outer surface, where everyone can see them. We use a system from Incognito, which many consider to be the ultimate in lingual braces. Not only are they individually-designed for each patient, but the braces are made from gold alloy so that people with nickel allergies can use them.

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