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Advances in technology have led to a plethora of brace solutions

Misaligned teeth, crowns that rub on your gums and over bite are some of the reasons for needing orthodontic care. As a child you may have worn braces but perhaps you didn’t complete your treatment or overtime your teeth became misaligned. Braces are a good way to correct this, alleviating pain and reducing inflammation. In Richmond, braces are readily available with Sheen Dental. The best in brace technology is available with a wide range of choice.


Choosing the right type of brace for you can change your experience of this corrective dental treatment. For children it’s possible that your dentist would recommend a removable brace. They fit snugly onto your child’s teeth and gently realign as the teeth grow. There’s some maintenance involved as they need to be taken out and cleaned after meals and before bedtime. The advantage of this system for children living in Richmond? Braces are clear! INVISALIGNTM being the latest technology in almost totally clear braces that Sheen Dental offers. It means that you no longer have a wire guard and retainer, but a perfectly fitted clear shield that fits snugly over the teeth, holding them in place as the teeth align to their new position. They are not just for children either, so if you don’t like the idea of having braces permanently fitted into your mouth they are a great alternative. Most treatments take between 6 to 24 months depending on what is required to achieve the perfect alignment.

Fixed braces offer a quicker and very effective means of orthodontics as they are permanently cemented to your teeth for the duration of the treatment. Known as the ‘train-track’ brace, they no longer need to be so visually obvious. Sheen Dental again offers the very best in brace technology –DAMONTM and CLARITYTM ADVANCED.

CLARITYTM ADVANCED offers an incredible leap forwards in ceramic brace technology. They have a unique dome shape, minimizing soft tissue contact and therefore any discomfort. Since they are made from soft grain ceramic they blend well with your natural tooth colour, creating a very aesthetically pleasing finish to your brace.

In addition to these types of fixed brace, there are lingual braces. Lingual braces are cemented to the back of your teeth and are virtually invisible! With all of these solutions to your orthodontic challenges, braces in Richmondcouldn’t be more effective.


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