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Clear braces in Richmond, a Rolls Royce solution

When you think of braces, do you ever associate them with Rolls Royce? I’m guessing that’s not where your mind goes, I’m guessing you’re thinking Jaws from 007! So you’ll be glad to know that braces have radically changed due to changes in orthodontic care. There are several types of ‘clear brace’ out there on the market, but Sheen Dentaloffers clear braces in Richmond, that really are from the top shelf!


Lingual braces are cemented to the back of your teeth and are virtually invisible. Sheen Dental offers the ‘Rolls Royce’ choice of Lingual clear braces in Richmond. INCOGNITOTMoffer invisibility with a touch of class. Made from gold alloy, ensuring you have no nickel allergy reaction. This innovative clear braces solution is individually designed just for you. They fit perfectly to your teeth and work on giving you that James Bond smile or that perfect Bridget Bardot glamour.

If GOLD isn’t your thing and you’re less bling and more angelic, you can go for the perfectly clear brace technology of DAMONTM. The clear brace technology fits to the front of your teeth, cemented in place to guide your smile into the most virtuous of grins. If you don’t want to have your brace fitted permanently, Sheen Dental also offers the very best in removable clear braces systems called INVISALIGNTM. Your dentist takes an impression of your teeth and creates a unique sheath to hold your teeth perfectly in place whilst your teeth realign.

Although these systems are all about the very best in technology, at Sheen Dental in Richmond, we are also all about top quality care for all of our patients. It is why we have invested in bringing the very best solutions to all of our patients. We are happy to discuss all of the different options to ensure the best fit for your braces, whether it’s going for gold or wanting invisible realignment, we will offer the best solution for you. There really are no reasons why the journey to a perfect smile needs to be ‘unattractive’, with a full range of systems available to you in Richmond. Clear braces are the next step in corrective dentistry, offered with professionalism and dedication to the best experience for our patients, delivered using the latest technological advances. If you would like more information on the various types of Clear Braces, please click on the link below:


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