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Sheen Dental in Richmond on braces for teens

Teenagers want to have a beautiful smile and straight teeth. They are at a stage in their lives where they care so much about their looks. Crooked or misaligned teeth can potentially damage their self-esteem. Therefore, a treatment such as braces is essential for teenagers who want to be able to enhance their smile and overall dental health.

However, teenagers often don’t like braces, even though they want the results they offer. The reason teenagers shy away from braces is most likely due to peer pressure and misconceptions about the reality of this treatment journey. That is why we are here to dispel the misconceptions and let you know the truth.

Myth #1

A common misconception is that braces are only for those from a particular social standing. Sheen Dental in Richmond wishes to express the fact that people from all social standings may need braces and the quicker a person acts, the better their chance of a shorter treatment time.

Myth #2

One of the most misleading misconceptions we have encountered surrounding braces is that teenagers cannot play instruments while wearing them. The myth has discouraged several teenagers from allowing themselves to consider braces. The truth is that you can still play your musical instruments even after getting your braces. You can still enjoy and make music beautifully with braces.

Myth #3

Braces can be uncomfortable, especially during the first few days. However, they don’t hurt. Some teenagers report discomfort during the early few days after placement, while others don’t. If your teen is afraid of the pain, you can talk to Sheen Dental in Richmond to prescribe a simple painkiller. Teens can also use a cold compress after the treatment to get rid of the discomfort.

Myth #4

We have heard several teens oppose braces because they have been made to believe that braces look bad. In reality, braces can look any way you want them to. We offer Invisalign and classic braces that are discreet, invisible and clear. They can also come in an array of colours should you wish to wear them as a statement. They don’t last forever, so embrace this time in your life. Sheen Dental in Richmond offers a teen Invisalign system where teenagers can get the emotional support they need.

Myth #5

It is a common myth that teenagers have to wear braces for a very long time to realise the difference. The truth is that the period you will wear your braces for will be based on the severity of your dental problem. The average period of wearing braces for most teenagers is 18 months. You could wear them for fewer months. Therefore, let this misconception not discourage you from getting straight teeth and improving your smile.

Having handled many teenagers and helped them to receive braces for a great number of years, our dental experts will gladly serve you. We will help you to choose the best braces to treat your dental problem,to improve your smile, and your confidence as a teen.

Feel free to ask us questions during your consultation. We will be glad to approach any concerns about braces, equip you with knowledge and assist you through the treatment journey.


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