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Let yourself shine, through Sheen Dental in Richmond

Smile like you mean it

Here at Sheen Dental, it is our mission to put a smile on the face of every patient - literally. Our committed and friendly team of expert practitioners and specialists have been working tirelessly over the years to ensure that everyone who visits our practice, leaves with a renewed smile and a sense of self-esteem to go with it. At Sheen Dental in Richmond, we recognise the changes in the world, and that we - collectively - are becoming increasingly image orientated. As such, many of our patients, particularly younger ones, are increasingly finding their self-esteem and confidence needing a boost. At Sheen Dental in Richmond, we offer a multitude of different cosmetic dentistry options which can help patients feel more comfortable with their smiles and overcome a number of minor issues or concerns they may have.

Brightening up through professional whitening

One of the most common concerns that our patients have here at Sheen Dental in Richmond, is with the brightness of their teeth. Dullness or yellowing of the enamel - which is the name given to the outermost layer of a patient's tooth - can be caused by a number of varying factors and is not entirely due to poor brushing or dental hygiene. As patients get older, the enamel of their teeth often dulls in colour and becomes greyer. Additionally, those who excessively consume highly-acidic foods or beverages can also find the shade of their enamel to be duller. Smoking is another factor which speeds up the dulling of a patient's teeth and can leave them with a knocked sense of self-confidence. Through our cosmetic whitening process however, it is now possible to have all of the stains and discolouration on your enamel removed almost immediately and find both your teeth and confidence restored. This is brought about through the creation of a mould of the patient’s dental structure. Into this mould, a small amount of a safe bleaching gel is placed. The active ingredient in the gel is hydrogen-peroxide, which acts almost instantaneously in clearing away any superficial marks or staining to the patient's teeth and allows them to have a visibly brighter smile in just under an hour’s time.

White fillings

Another, non-invasive method of restoring a patient's self-confidence through cosmetic dentistry, is to use white fillings. Also known as composite fillings, they are an alternative to NHS funded metal, or amalgam fillings. Conventional fillings are metal coloured, and used in cases where a portion of a patient's tooth has become infected and needs to be cleaned out and filled with a dental bonding agent. Amalgam fillings are created using a mix of metals such as silver, copper, zinc and mercury. While these act as a strong bonding agent, they are a metal colour which is usually clearly noticeable within a patient's mouth. Amalgam fillings also have a tendency to turn the surrounding teeth a greyish metallic colour over time. As such, many patients tend to opt for composite fillings, which are made from a tooth-coloured resin which is specifically matched to the surrounding teeth. These fillings blend in perfectly, to the point that they are undetectable, and - particularly if they are used on a patient's bottom set of teeth - can allow them to fill gaps within their teeth, without anyone noticing.


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