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How dental implants at Sheen Dental in Richmond can improve your smile

There are a number of great and practical ways for us to help you look after your teeth. One particular treatment our team at Sheen Dental in Richmond might recommend is that of dental implants.

Using a quick and simple procedure, we’re able to provide you a natural looking smile that will stand the test of time. With that in mind, here is a brief summary of how they can help you.

So what exactly are dental implants?

If you’re unfamiliar with this term then don’t worry, the implants are essentially small prosthetic teeth that are used to replace damaged or cracked teeth as well as help fill in any gaps. They’re normally comprised of porcelain and are held in place with a titanium screw that’s been inserted into the jawbone, sterilised to help reduce the spread of bacteria whilst your gums heal.

How will my dentist fit them?

The process of having one of these prosthetic teeth fitted at Sheen Dental in Richmond is a fairly straightforward affair and shouldn’t take too long. Normally your dentist will have a consultation meeting first before they inspect and clean the area that’s going to be worked on. Then a casting and shading match will be performed to make sure the replacement not only looks the same, but is also the right shape for its new home.

Then at a later date you will be brought back in to have the screw implanted into your gum line through minor surgery involving local anaesthetic. After your surgery we recommend you arrange transport or have someone give you a lift home as you will still be under the influence of anaesthetic for a while. Once the gum has healed a new prosthetic tooth can be attached to the titanium screw which gives it a secure base. This is a relatively quick procedure in general.

When you visit Sheen Dental our talented team will make sure your implant is fitted in a quick and clean manner with a minimum amount of discomfort to leave you with a stellar smile.

Are there life benefits?

Aside from the main positive result of providing you with a natural looking replacement, there are also numerous other benefits to this treatment.

As an example, it’s easy to look after your implant, as regular brushing is sufficient enough to keep it clean. Although pay close attention to how hard you press your brush as you could damage the new tooth or impact your gum’s ability to heal. Also, if you’re a mouthwash user we recommend you avoid your favourite brands for a while, as the chemicals in them can irritate your healing gums.

Another benefit of implants is that they help strengthen the surrounding teeth by providing a solid base for them to lean against, which can also reduce jaw and bite problems in the long run. An implanted tooth can even help with speech issues, as it fills in gaps your tongue may slip through, which can cause you to stumble over certain words or phrases.

As you can see there are some great benefits to having implants. They’re easy to maintain, relatively quick to fit and they leave you with an improved and natural looking smile. So, ask our team about how our dental implant treatment can help you on your next visit.


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