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Fixed braces

To achieve the best possible improvement to your smile,you may require braces at some point in your life. Braces consist of small, precisely designed, metal or ceramic brackets that are stuck onto each tooth. Sometimes metal rings called bands are also fitted around the back teeth. The brackets are then connected to each other using a thin wire. The wire is held in place with small elastic rings or with very thin wires. These wires are adjusted at regular intervals to straighten the teeth and correct the bite.


With fixed braces, there is no plastic in the roof of the mouth. This means your speech is unaffected and the flavour of food can be fully enjoyed. As they cannot be removed, affects of the treatment are full-time, making them very effective. At Sheen Dental in Richmond, we find that fixed braces are very good at correcting a wide variety of misalignment, crooked or crowded teeth issues. However, as they are fixed, you will need to be vigilant with cleaning them to make sure that food doesn’t get stuck in the wires and cause a build-up of plaque and possible decay.

Clarity braces

Clarity ceramic braces in Richmond can give you the confidence you need to flash your new smile, both during and after treatment. The ceramic material blends with the colour of your teeth and will stop staining or discolouration throughout your treatment.

Clarity braces are virtually unnoticeable, making them perfect for patients of any age who are looking for the confidence and the freedom to smile while they are having treatment.

Clarity braces in Richmond are much less noticeable than traditional metal braces and are ideal for those patients who want to look good during treatment but who are not suitable for clear aligners. They are also more cost effective than lingual braces, which makes them a perfect compromise option for your teeth straightening needs.

How do they work?

The unique features of Clarity braces in Richmond give you and your dentist the opportunity to create a smile that can last a lifetime, by offering you a virtually unnoticeable treatment. Clarity braces have rounded corners, to ease rubbing and irritation. They are designed to make your teeth straightening treatment as easy and pain-free as possible.


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