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Achieving the smile you deserve through Sheen Dental in Richmond

Moulding the future

Here at Sheen Dental in Richmond we are proud to be serving the community of Richmond and beyond, and providing them with a fully comprehensive dental service which aims to meet and surpass all expectations. In recent years, there has been a rising trend in the amount of dental engagement particularly from young people. It used to be that people from the younger generation were the most difficult to bring across the threshold of our practice, but today they make up a large portion of our overall patient numbers. We feel that one of the reasons behind this change in perceptions and dental engagement is, in part, due to the rise in the use of social media platforms and the increased amount of photography of our everyday lives. The more we document, the more a focus is shone onto our oral health and the aesthetics of our smiles. This, we feel here at Sheen Dental, has caused an increasing number of young people to seek out cosmetic dentistry solutions to boost the aesthetic appeal of their smiles.

Shine like the stars

Another reason behind the surge in dental engagement from young people that we’ve witnessed over the past few years here at Sheen Dental, is the ‘perfect’ smiles which we are exposed to through films, TV, and the media on a daily basis. This may explain the massive boost in the amount of people seeking out our ‘smile makeover’ service, which is designed to maximise your smiles overall aesthetic appeal through a tailored, bespoke service provided by one of our cosmetic specialists. The initial process of receiving a ‘smile makeover’ from a cosmetic specialist here at Sheen Dental would involve a friendly, informal consultation between you and a cosmetic specialist within our Richmond practice. This consultation is done to establish the needs of the patient and how best we can meet them, and highlight what issues they may have with their smiles. Then, photographs and x-rays may be taken of the patient's teeth to allow our specialists to achieve a better picture of the specifics of your teeth. Finally, our specialist will highlight the number of cosmetic treatments that we offer, and which they feel is best suited to the needs of the patient. Once a treatment course has been established, a detailed treatment plan will be made, and patients can often begin immediately.

Sculpting your smile

One form of cosmetic treatment we provide here at Sheen Dental, which can have a massively positive impact on the smiles and self-esteem, is gum contouring. Our gums shape and frame our teeth, and how they look within our mouths. However, sometimes the level and shape of our gums may be wrong, which results in our teeth appearing to be misaligned. Rather than carry out extensive and often lengthy orthodontic work, an equally effective method of treatment is to reshape your gums. Gum contouring can lengthen the appearance of your teeth which may be hidden behind your gum tissue, and give your teeth a more cohesive visual aesthetic which can have a massively positive impact on your overall self-confidence as you can smile freely, as we feel everyone ought to be able to do.


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