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A straight forward solution to crooked smiles

Are crooked, crowded or widely spaced teeth making you self-conscious about how you express yourself?  Your smile is the first thing that people notice. If you are not happy about your appearance, it can affect your social and professional life, as well as your own self-image. At Sheen Dental in Richmond, braces have transformed the lives of people who were previously hesitant to smile, hiding their teeth and feeling ill at ease. Teeth that are out of place can also cause other difficulties.


Why are straighter teeth important?

Aside from detracting from your appearance, crooked teeth can affect your oral health. Straight teeth are easier to clean as there are fewer spaces for plaque to accumulate. This keeps your teeth and gums strong. If the misalignment is severe, there may be issues with how the upper and lower teeth fit together. This is known as a poor bite and can cause problems with eating and speaking, leave you in pain or and in children even affect facial development. Having braces at an early age, usually when there is a mixture of adult and baby teeth, allows early treatment and ensures that the teeth and jaws develop normally. However, if you are an adult who has missed out on teeth straightening as a child, it is not too late.

How can braces help?

Braces work to straighten the teeth using gentle pressure to move them into the correct position. Thanks to modern techniques we can offer a whole range of braces in Richmond. This means that treatments can be faster, more comfortable, less obtrusive and more effective than ever before. We treat everyone from children to adults, with mild to complex needs. We offer a range of fixed and removeable options so that you can choose the method that is right for you. Many patients seeking braces in Richmond can take advantage of special braces that are more discreet than traditional methods. These include tooth-coloured ceramic brackets, clear aligners and lingual braces that are placed on the backs of your teeth.

For our patients in Richmond, braces are a long-term investment in your health and smile. Become another of our satisfied patients and book your consultation with us today.


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