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Why Dental Treatment Overseas Could Be The Worst Decision You Ever Make

We’d be the first to agree that the thought of a cheap week’s holiday abroad combined with getting all of your dental treatment fixed in one go, does sound tempting. You’ve always fancied visiting Turkey or Poland, the savings are great, so what could possibly go wrong?

How can it be so cheap?

Dental Implants Richmond

The adverts claim that the dentists are fully trained and the materials they use are the same as in the UK so how come it’s so much cheaper? If you’re undergoing a dental implant in Richmond, or elsewhere in the UK, the costs can be broken down into staffing, laboratory fees and materials. A large clinic may be able to secure discounts on their implants but not as much as 60%. A good laboratory will spend time in making the new teeth look and feel as natural as possible, so that the patient is really happy with the results rather than feeling uncomfortable for years. Sterilising equipment doesn’t come cheap either but avoids the spread of infection which could cause implant failure. A few clinics wash and re-use their gloves between patients.

Bulk buying

Bulk buying makes sense if there’s a special offer on kitchen paper, since you will eventually use it in the months to come, but when it comes to dentistry, that should never be the case. Some overseas clinics will only carry out a plan which crowns every tooth in your mouth simply because it’s cheaper to do it that way. It’s very rare that a patient would need every tooth crowned and this process shouldn’t be done so that the dentist makes a profit.

Shoddy materials

The quality of materials can vary enormously and you may find that your overseas clinic uses composite fillings which are very porous and stain quickly after treatment. They may not be bonded properly and decay or leak within months. Alternatively you may have veneers fitted only to find when you return home that they fall off after just a few weeks.

Pressure of time

If you’ve got a flight booked back to the UK leaving later in the day then there’s going to be a huge amount of pressure to get your treatment finalised. Your main concern is going to be about not missing your plane so you’re likely to say that everything looks fine and go ahead with the permanent fitting of your crowns. It won’t be until you’re back home that you realise that actually your pet dog has better looking teeth! A rushed job can mean crowns which leak and decay or cause gum disease. You may not even be offered a better alternative such as dental implants because of time constraints.

Distance matters

Many overseas clinics know that it is unlikely that you’ll hop onto a plane in the case of complications following your treatment so they’re more concerned with getting paid. Finding a dentist who is willing to correct faulty treatment in the UK can be problematic and also involves more expense.

Who is carrying out the treatment?

Finally, are you going to see a junior member of staff rather than the experienced main dentist who appears on the website?

You may not get a holiday but if you’re looking for dental implants in Richmond or any other type of dental treatment, then here at Sheen Dental what you will get is superior dental treatment carried out by highly knowledgeable and well trained professionals who have their patient’s best interests at heart. You’ll have the peace of mind that in the unlikely event of any complications we are but a phone call away and will do our best to see you the same day. Why not call us to book a free consultation or visit our website at for more information about our treatments.


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