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I’ve heard that Dental Implants Are Made From Titanium. Why Is This?

The main role of dental implants in Richmond, or indeed anywhere in the country, is to serve as a replacement for a missing tooth root. Since the implant has a variety of functions in this role, there is a limit as to what materials can effectively be used and for a number of reasons titanium has for a long time been found to be the best choice of materials. More recently, however, alternative materials such as zirconia are sometimes used.

Dental Implants Richmond

Less chance of rejection by the body

Titanium is what is known as a bio-compatible material which means that for the most part, the human body will accept it. Another astonishing feature of titanium is that it has the ability to fuse with the bone in the jaw and actively encourages re-growth of the bone and soft tissue in a process known as osseointegration. This biological development takes place over several months, and varies from one person to another, and is vital to keeping the implant securely in the jaw, stopping it from falling out.

Strong and non-corrosive

Another reason for choosing titanium for dental implants is that the metal is very strong for its weight and can withstand the tremendous forces which are exerted by biting and chewing. In addition the metal is non-corrosive.

Versatile in appearance and in usage

Dental implants vary in style with some being cylindrical and screwed into the jaw whereas others are tapered and tapped into position. Most dentists typically have a few favourite brands which they prefer to work with. Dental implants have a variety of uses and once embedded into the gum can hold porcelain teeth which closely resemble a patient’s remaining teeth. Alternatively they can be used to hold a bridge. In some cases mini dental implants are used to stabilise dentures and prevent them from slipping and causing painful pressure points on a person’s gums.

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