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What’s The Risk of Dental Implant failure?

Like any surgical procedure, undergoing dental implant surgery is never guaranteed to be 100% successful. There may well be underlying factors which are often beyond the control of the surgeon which can cause the implant to fail or to be rejected. Having said all this, whether you undergo a dental implant in Richmond or anywhere else in the country a skilled surgeon can be expected to run at a success rate of around 90% – 95%. When you think about it, this is often far higher than many other equally complex surgical procedures.

Dental Implants Richmond

However should you be worried about the risk of dental implant failure?

In essence, no! Modern equipment such as 3D X-ray scanners can look into the area prior to any surgery taking place and ascertain whether there is sufficient healthy bone for the implant to take. In addition to this new implants are being invented all the time with a better outcome and a better success rate. For example the new 3i tooth implant actively promotes a head start for bone growth. Alternatively implants with a roughened surface are said to also hasten bone integration, as the roughened surface of the titanium rod gives the newly generated bone something to cling on to. Finally, implants with better thread angle makes certain that when the implant is screwed into place, it anchors itself firmly into the bone. In addition, bone grafting techniques can also be performed for those who either have insufficient or unhealthy bone, enabling the implant to be secured into place.

To avoid post-operative implant failure, there are things that you can do yourself such as not eat hard or sticky foods such as toffees or sweets during the healing period, avoid chewing on the side of the implant until the implant is strong enough to take it and finally, you’ll need to maintain a good standard of oral care. This last point is probably the most important and is a reason behind why the majority of failed implants occur.

Prior to any surgery your dental clinic will invite you in for a consultation and this is where the team should go through the whole procedure with you. Much of this deals with post-operative care including how to thoroughly look after your new implants using good oral hygiene techniques to stop the spread of bacteria, or how to protect your new implants in the first few vital weeks after the operation. If for instance you’re undergoing dental implants in Richmond, London, then at Sheen Dental, Dr Harmit Kalsi and his team are on hand to make sure that you know exactly what you need to do before, during and after surgery.

As you can see, there are risks involved with dental implant failure but they really are minimal. As technology and skills increase then this small failure level will be brought down even further.

If you’re concerned about the risk of implant failure speak to Sheen Dental. We’ve been carrying out dental implants in Richmond for many years and as such have an experienced and highly skilled team. So visit our website at or contact us on 020 8876 5277 for complete peace-of-mind.


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