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What’s Likely To Happen During A Dental Implant Consultation?

The first stage of a dental implant in Richmond or anywhere else in the country is an initial dental implant consultation. This is primarily for you to get professional advice on this particular treatment. In the event that you have a tooth missing then the dentist can discuss all the tooth replacement options available to you such as a crown, bridge, partial denture or dental implant.

The dentist should then give you a thorough description of the dental implant procedure. How they work, what the procedure entails, any possible side effects, and because it is after all a surgical procedure, any possible risks. You’ll also be asked to disclose your full medical history, your lifestyle choices and anything else which you think may affect the treatment. Dental implants aren’t for everyone and indeed for some people dental implants could be problematic, so it’s vital that your dentist is sure that you’re making the right decision and that you’re a suitable candidate.

Dental Implants Richmond

Once you’re confident that you do wish to go ahead with a dental implant, then the next course of action is for the dentist to make a full assessment of your mouth. To ensure the best possible chance of implant success it’s vital that your oral hygiene is good and your gums are healthy. If there are any signs of gum disease or tooth decay then the dentist will treat these problems first. The dentist will also have to check that your bone is of a sufficient height and density to be able to support the implant and in the event that it is lacking, then a bone graft may be necessary prior to dental implant surgery. Your bone structure will be checked using X-rays and CT scans which can pinpoint the position of nerves and other anatomical features. It will also help the dentist determine which type of titanium implant to use, and what size. Most dental clinics carry a variety of implants so they can choose the best one for the job.

The consultation will end with the dentist asking whether you have any questions, so it’s always a good idea to have written down any questions prior to the consultation and to have a notebook and pen handy with you so you can jot down any relevant points during the consultation. Finally there will be an opportunity to discuss price plans and payment options before booking further appointments.

If you’re considering dental implants in Richmond, then Sheen Dental under the leadership of Dr. Harmit Kalsi has long been placing implants successfully into patients. We invite you to take advantage of a free no-obligation consultation where you can meet the team, have your questions answered and view our premises. To start the ball rolling just call us on 020 8875 5277 to book your consultation or visit our website at for more information on all the dental treatments that we offer.


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