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What Should You Do If An Implant Doesn’t Work?

There are a number of variables that can cause an implant to become loose and fail. Factors such as poor oral maintenance by the patient leading to bacterial problems, contamination issues leading to implant rejection, poor implant placement and even teeth grinding (bruxism) are just some of these issues. That said, whether you undergo treatment at an experienced clinic that fits dental implants in Richmond or indeed anywhere else in the country, they still have a success rate of somewhere between 90%-95%, therefore implant failure isn’t common. However if you are one of the minority and an implant does for whatever reason become loose and fail what should you do?

Speak with your implant dentist ASAP

Dental Implants Richmond

If something does go wrong or even if you feel that your implant isn’t functioning in the way that it should then contact your implant dentist right away. A quick response may mean that they can take corrective actions before the implant is threatened with more serious complications. This will save you both time and ultimately more invasive surgery in the long run. Remember the quicker you speak to them, the quicker they can put a treatment plan in place.

What about the costs involved?

This is often a tricky or grey area  but if you can prove that the failure of the implant wasn’t down to you, then you shouldn’t have to pay the cost of a replacement and it’s definitely worth getting a second opinion from an independent dentist. For example, if the implant has been badly placed, or there has been some sort of cross-contamination on fitting, or the implant itself is faulty, then these are issues beyond your control and should be taken up with the relevant parties. Conversely if as many people do, you have had your treatment carried out on the cheap abroad, then getting this proof can be very hard for a number of reasons.

Alternatively if it’s the case that you haven’t cared for your implants as well as you should, or the implant has been hit or knocked due to a sporting injury or accident, then you may well be liable for the cost.

However it doesn’t stop there because more often that not when an implant has become loose or faulty then the old one can’t simply be re-attached. Instead a brand new implant will have to be fitted  and in the case of a bacterial problem, then this will have to be dealt with first.

When you undergo treatment for a dental implant in Richmond, consider it as a long-term investment and like all investments they need to be looked after and protected. As such they should be cared for properly. If you do this, your dental implants will reward you with many years of successful and trouble-free function.

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