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What Common Problems Do I Face With Dental Implants?

Whether you experience dental implants in Richmond or anywhere else in the country you may already know that complete success can never be guaranteed as there are many factors to be taken into consideration. In 90-95% of cases where they do work, implants are known to provide enhanced oral health, the ability to smile naturally again, and the freedom to be able to eat whatever you like. In those where the process isn’t successful there some common problems. Let’s take a look at some of the problems, the main causes behind them, and also what a dental implant clinic can do to deal with them.


In essence peri-implantitis is the destruction of the hard and soft tissues surrounding a dental implant which is caused by a presence of bacteria. It may occur during the surgical procedure although this is very rare. More commonly it happens when a patient doesn’t practice good post surgery oral hygiene. If left to progress, it weakens the implant eventually causing it to fall out. Symptoms include…

  • Swelling of the gum area

  • Changing of gum colour near the implant

  • Gum bleeding and high levels of sensitivity when brushing teeth

When these occur the focus needs to be on treating it early, where anti-infective therapies can be deployed. If spotted late and the implant has already become loose, then chances are that the implant may have to be removed, the area treated for infection, and a brand new implant placed.

Loose implants

On some occasions implants can become loose because they have been placed in areas where there isn’t sufficient bone density to hold it in place. If this is the case, then the implant should be firstly removed, a new hole drilled and the implant placed in an area where there is sufficient bone to hold it. More than likely however is the fact that bone fusion (osseointegration) hasn’t taken place. This being the case, then investigations should be taken into why this hasn’t happened before replacing a new implant.

Implant Breakage

Titanium is a light but incredibly strong metal so breakages to the implant itself are rare. However if the titanium post has been placed at the wrong angle and is subject to over excessive external forces like an unbalanced crown or incorrect bite, then it can crack or fracture. In this case the implant will have to be taken out and a replaced with a new titanium post. More common is a cracked crown. If it’s a small fracture or crack, it can be repaired using advanced cosmetic procedures. However if the crown is deemed irreparable then it will have to come off and a new one made and fitted.

As already stated over 90% of people who are fitted with dental implants never experience any problems and have a trouble free life in terms of their oral health. So if you’re thinking about a more permanent solution to tooth replacement, then come and talk to us here at Sheen Dental. We’ve been placing dental implants in Richmond successfully for many years and as such offer all potential clients a chance to meet with the team and get any questions or concerns answered that they might have. So to book your free no-obligation consultation then contact us on 020 8876 5277 or visit our website at www.sheendental.co.uk today.








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