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Uncovering the 7 Common Reasons Why People Don’t Go To the Dentist

Let’s face it. Whenever we’re due a visit to the dentist, even when it’s a routine check-up there’s always a slight pang of anxiety. So it’s understandable that when people seek treatment for something more complex such as dental implants in Richmond per se, there’s always going to be a certain level of nervousness. That said, it probably wouldn’t be enough to put those people off from paying a visit as they understand the outcome is beneficial for their health and even their self confidence. However, you might be surprised to know that according to previous studies, there are also a good percentage of the UK populations (as much as one quarter) who haven’t set foot inside a dental clinic for over two years. Let’s take a look at the 7 most common reasons why.

Dental Implants Richmond

A fear of dental pain

The good news is that technological advances in dentistry are striving to make a visit to the dentist a totally pain-free experience, no matter what treatment you’re having. Conscious sedation is just one way that this can be achieved.

Past experiences

Often it’s those past experiences that put people off from going to the dentist. Maybe a previous dentist has come across as uncaring or maybe they’ve had a painful dental experience in the past. Whatever the reason, it’s those past experiences that potential patients tend to associate with. Nowadays customer care is the number one priority for dentists as they want you to have a pleasant experience.

The dental drill

In the good old days when you had to have dental work done you may have been greeted with a drill large enough to put the fear of god into you. It wasn’t only the size of it; it was undoubtedly the high pitched droning sound that made people feel a little jittery. Thankfully modern dentistry means better patient-centred equipment, which in turn means smaller drills that are far quieter than their older counterparts.


This is closely related to the fear of dental pain, but it deserves its own mention. With the invention of the dental wand patients don’t have to experience pain from needles. Instead the wand has the ability to deliver pain free injections. Alternatively conscious sedation techniques can also be administered to help those that are nervous of needles.

Strong gagging reflexes

Many people suffer from a strong gagging reflex in the UK and it’s a problem that can make a person feel as if they are being choked. This in itself can bring on anxiety and panic attacks. Thankfully many dentists are now trained to deal with such issues and have the skills to deploy techniques that can help.

Fear over state of teeth

Many patients who haven’t paid a visit to the dentist for many years may well have less than perfect teeth. For this reason they may fear the embarrassment of being ridiculed or told off. Modern dentists are far more patient-centred and as such aren’t going to judge. Instead they’re there to help you to get your teeth looking as good as they possibly can, whether this is through bridges, crowns or even dental implants. In Richmond here at Sheen Dental we use a multitude of techniques to get your teeth looking great thus restoring your confidence.

Worries over price

Whilst it’s true that certain dental treatments such as dental implants can be expensive, other treatments such as a dental clean, a filling or even a denture/crown isn’t unreasonable in terms of pricing. Besides most dentists nowadays have payment plans on offer, making it far easier for you to spread payments over a longer period of time.

If you feel that you need dental treatment but are a little nervous, then come and talk to us. We’ve been successfully fitting dental implants in Richmond for many years and have dealt with hundreds of nervous patients, so you’re not alone. Contact Sheen Dental on 020 8876 5277 or visit our website at to book your free, no-obligation consultation and start the ball rolling towards getting your oral health back on track once and for all..


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