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Top Tips For Improving Your Dental Implant Success

Even though dental implant surgery has been hailed by many to be the best form of tooth replacement that modern dentistry allows it does involve a surgical process. Like all surgical processes the outcome can and should never be guaranteed. Here at Sheen Dental when we’re asked  about just how long dental implants in Richmond are going to last, we always tell people that  they’ll last as long as they’re looked after. With this in mind, what can you do to prolong the life of your implants?

Dental hygiene

Dental Implants Richmond

Whilst it’s vital that dental hygiene be continued post surgery you may want to avoid brushing areas  which have been operated on for at least a few days after surgery. In some instances brushing can dislodge newly implanted teeth and can also cause blood clots to bleed again. Instead your dental implant dentist might suggest a special anti-bacterial mouthwash which should kill all germs and bacteria. After a specified time, your dentist will be able to tell you when normal brushing and flossing can be resumed.


Often when recovering from a dental implant in Richmond, your dentist will give you a course of antibiotics. The trouble is that some people tend to stop taking them because they feel better. The issue is that antibiotics often have to build up in your bloodstream before they can become effective and as such, it’s important to complete any given dose.

Alcohol and cigarettes

For the first two weeks after the surgery it’s advisable to avoid any type of alcohol, however tempting it might be. The reason for this is that alcohol can thin the blood therefore preventing it from clotting. This in turn can slow down the healing time. Smoking also causes problems but in a different way. Certain bacteria found in tobacco smoke may bring about infections in the gum surrounding the implant which can then go on to undermine the newly planted implant. In addition the act of inhaling on a cigarette may also be enough to dislodge any blood clots which have formed in and around the implant site. Finally smoking has also been shown to slow down the osseointegration (bone fusion process) which is so vital to implant success. This is why an experienced surgeon fitting dental implants in Richmond may advise you to quit altogether, or at the very least that you stop smoking for the duration of the recovery process. This could be up to 9 months.

As you can see implants are recognised as a great way to improve your smile and bring back some much needed self-confidence, but only if they’re looked after. If you want to make sure your teeth last decades rather than months then it pays to follow the advice listed above.

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