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The Advantages of Mini Dental Implants

Badly damaged teeth due to physical trauma can lead to low self esteem as well as problems eating and speaking. Some people choose to live with it and adapt, but others feel incredibly self conscious and awkward and consequently choose to do something about it. As a result many people choose the option of dental implants. In Richmond, Sheen Dental has been successfully fitting dental implants for many years, but for many people they can seem relatively expensive.

Dental Implants Richmond

So what’s the alternative?

Some people opt for removable dentures which are on average around 30-40% cheaper but they too have their own drawbacks. These include discomfort, continual worry about them slipping or falling out at any time and a meticulous and often invasive cleaning routine. There is however one final option that gives you the stability and ease of dental implants but are less costly and these are mini dental implants or MDI’s.

So what exactly are MDI’s?

Often referred to as ‘narrow body implants’ NBI’s  or ‘small diameter implants’ SDI’s they consist of a narrow one-piece titanium implant which is attached to the jaw bone using a non surgical approach. They are ideal for missing or broken teeth that are difficult to access and are a great alternative to dentures. Their stability eliminates the need for messy denture adhesives and their tooth-like appearance offers the wearer a hassle-free experience giving them back their self-confidence.

So how does the procedure work?

Whether you opt for a mini dental implant in Richmond, or anywhere else in the country the procedure is more or less the same. During the procedure a dentist will insert the tiny anchor points of the titanium implant into your jaw bone . These points are approximately 2mm in width. This provides stability and support for the prosthetic crown. All that should be visible above the jaw line is the ball-like head of the implant. An O-ring then fits over this which is then slotted into a retaining socket contained within the denture. This is snapped securely into place.

So what are the main advantages?

Unlike standard dental implants the whole procedure can usually be completed within one sitting provided there is a good quantity and quality of jaw bone. In addition dentures are firmly secured in place thus preventing them from slipping or falling out at inconvenient times. Costs can be up to 40-50% cheaper than full dental implants and typically do not require any jaw line incisions to attach them.

For further information about dental implants in Richmond, then speak to Sheen Dental. Dr Harmit Kalsi and his team have been successfully fitting dental implants for many years, so why not give them a call on 020 8876 5277 or alternatively, visit the website at


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