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Regular Dental Implants Vs Mini Dental Implants – Which is Best For You?

If you tend to hide your smile because of unsightly gaps between your front teeth, then you might seriously consider undergoing the procedure for a dental implant. In Richmond, Sheen Dental helps many clients each and every year to regain their smile and their confidence.

Dental Implants Richmond

Implants are a permanent solution to your missing or broken teeth and can be used in a whole host of ways from replacing a single tooth, to a full arch. So if you really want to be able to speak, eat and smile without having to ever worry about your teeth again then it can be achieved with dental implants.

Based on the diameter and size of the implant, there are two types known as regular and mini dental implants, but which is best for you?

Regular dental implants

Regular dental implants have become a very popular and permanent way of replacing missing teeth over the last 30 years or so and as a result many clinics up and down the country now specialise in dental implant surgery. Sheen Dental is one such company carrying out dental implants in Richmond.

With a regular implant a small screw-like titanium rod is secured into the jaw-bone via a small incision in the gum. Over a period of 3-6 months the bone will start to regenerate and grow around the implant giving a strong and secure platform upon which to place the prosthetic crown. After time, the implant and teeth feel as natural your own and you almost forget that you have them fitted.

Mini implants Similarly to traditional implants the mini implant is used to plug the gap where lost or broken teeth are, except in this case they’re used to restore pre-molars, small teeth and teeth located in hard-to-get-to, narrow areas. There are some other differences as well. Let’s take a look:


Instead of coming in three different parts like the regular implant which consists of the abutment, the crown and the implant itself, the mini implant is an all-in-one piece titanium appliance.


In addition to this they’re significantly smaller in size, 1.8mm-2.9mm, compared to 4mm-6mm for the regular implant.

Time taken

Undergoing surgery for regular implants is not only evasive but can also take a significant amount of time, in most cases 3-9 months. The reason for this is that at every step of the three stage process, time has to be factored in to allow the implant to heal, settle and become durable. Whereas with a mini implant, as it’s only in one piece, it can be fitted in as little as two hours.


Finally there’s also the cost factor. Because a mini implant requires minimal surgery, then the cost can be up to 60% cheaper than having a regular implant fitted.

If you’re looking for dental implants in Richmond, then let Sheen Dental help. Our highly experienced team led by Dr Harmit Kalsi will see to it that you get the right type of implant for you. For more information call us on 020 8876 5277 or visit our website at


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