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How Dental Implants Are Made to Match Existing Teeth

Dental implants in Richmond and all over the UK are growing hugely in popularity as people are reading and learning more about them and coming to realise that they are about as close as it comes to natural looking teeth which look and act almost like the real thing. They’ve also heard that potentially they can last a lifetime, which if you’re only in your thirties, seems like a pretty good investment. The thing is, how are dental implants made to appear so lifelike and to match your own teeth? So let’s take a look at several questions that we get asked on a daily basis

What parts make up a dental implant?The implant can be considered similar to a natural tooth root and is made from titanium alloy. It’s a post like structure which is inserted into the gum tissue and extends down into the bone. It uses a small connecting piece called an abutment to cap it with a crown, which is the visible part that looks like a tooth.

How does an implant remain in place?

Titanium has the ability to fuse with bone so that it becomes part of the surrounding bone structure. This stability depends on there being sufficient depth and quality of bone in the right position to place the implant.

How can you be sure I have enough bone?

CT scans are used to determine the depth, volume and quality of bone if a tooth is already missing. If we extract a tooth then we ensure the minimum of trauma to preserve the bone tissue. Any deficit can be made up with a bone grafting procedure.

What factors are considered to make the crown look as real as possible?

It’s the shape of the crown, particularly as it emerges from the gum, together with its colour and its position to the surrounding teeth which makes it look real.

How is the crown colour matched with my other teeth?

Your tooth colour is analysed using photos and shade guides so that we can provide the dental lab with as much information as possible in order to create the best colour match.

Does an implant affect the way my gums look?

The small pink triangles of tissue that fill in the spaces between the teeth are called ‘papillae’. We take great care to ensure that natural looking papillae are formed by placing the implant at the correct depth below the gum tissue and at the right distance from adjacent teeth.

You can see that making your implants look as natural as possible isn’t easy and depends on the experience, skill and artistry of the dental team. Here at Sheen Dental we’re lucky to have a highly skilled dental team lead by the very experienced Dr. Harmit Kalsi who have been placing natural looking implants for many years. If you’d like to find out more about a dental implant in Richmond, then why not arrange a no-obligation consultation where you can meet the team and get any questions or concerned answered. The number to ring is 020 8876 5277 or you can visit our website at www.sheendental.co.uk where you’ll find a wealth of information on all the treatments we offer.








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