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Helping Your Ageing Parents with Their Oral Health

A smile is a sure sign that a person is happy and this is no different for your ageing parents. In fact, it can be more of a challenge for them to feel confident and happy, so being able to eat nutritious food, smile and laugh out loud, and venture confidently outside plays a huge part in their happiness.

Dental Implants Richmond

When a child provides help for their parent it can have a profound effect. They have a much stronger emotional tie to their child than they do a care from an agency, or in a live in facility, and although that help may not make them healthier, it is likely to make them feel happier.

If you’re looking after your ageing parents then you know that you can be met with a number of challenges when it comes to their health, but it’s important not to overlook their oral health. The most natural way a person conveys they are happy is through a smile and quite often happy people are healthier people.

Oral health is even more important in the golden years

With so many health concerns to be worrying about, it’s no surprise that the oral health of your elderly loved ones can get neglected. However, as a person gets older oral health plays a more significant role in their overall health and happiness. When a person is missing teeth or has badly damaged or diseased teeth, it becomes increasingly difficult to eat nutritious high fibre healthy food such as fresh fruit, vegetables and nuts which in turn can affect the immune system, sleep and weight. Elderly people tend to take more medication and this can lead to a dry mouth or reduction of saliva which can result in further tooth decay.

Ageing parents will diabetes need to take pay even more attention to their oral health since studies have revealed that 95% of people with diabetes suffer from gum disease compared with 50% of the rest of the population. Gum disease can lead to additional tooth decay, loss and disease. Unhealthy mouths are a breeding haven for bacteria and areas where gums are bleeding can in some cases allow dangerous bacteria to enter the bloodstream.

Restoring oral health for your ageing parents

If your parents have missing or failing teeth, then the solution could lie in a dental implant. In Richmond, here at Sheen Dental we have seen firsthand the different those dental implants can make to our more elderly patients. Age is not a factor with dental implants and the benefits are astounding. It gives them back their smile, lets them enjoy a more varied diet which can improve their health, and it can also knock years off their appearance, making them look far younger. We would welcome the opportunity to meet with yourself and your parent to discuss dental implants. In Richmond at Sheen Dental we offer a free no-obligation consultation. So why not pick up the phone and call us on 020 8876 5277 or visit our website at We’d love to help revive your parent’s overall quality of life.


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