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Dental Implants – You Get What You Pay For!

You might have heard the saying “With a cheap price, you’ll pay twice” meaning that more often than not, when you purchase something on the cheap you’ll probably end up replacing it quicker than you initially first thought. The same can be said when you’re looking to undergo dental implants in Richmond and also applies to anywhere else in the UK.

Reassuringly expensive

Dental Implants Richmond

There’s no getting away from the fact that dental implants aren’t cheap and there are many reasons for this. Firstly higher priced implant brands are manufactured by companies who have spent decades researching and honing their products in order to bring them up to a standard where they are now. Fashioned from quality components they’re designed specifically to make the whole procedure as risk free as possible. Modern designs virtually eliminate the chances of cross-contamination while making sure that osseointegration (bone fusion) is also given the best possible chance of success. Secondly there’s the skill of the dental surgeon placing the implants. Experienced dental implant surgeons have honed their skills over many years and have undergone rigorous and indeed ongoing training. Finally advanced dentistry requires advanced equipment and the placing of just a single implant can involve a multitude of state-of-the-art equipment in order to maximise success. All of which has to be paid for.

What about cheaper priced implants?

When it comes to cheaper dental implants it’s understandable that many people will be drawn to cheaper prices, but given what we already know about quality implants does paying less come at a cost? The answer is a probable yes! As dental implants in Richmond and indeed anywhere else in the UK are becoming more and more popular, many new manufacturers are starting to spring up. In fact at the last count there were over 150 different brands of dental implant. As new manufacturers can’t compete on reputation, they’ll try to obtain orders for their products by competing on price. Clearly something has to give and more often than not it’s the quality of the end product. Lesser grade titanium mixed with other materials may bring down the cost of an implant, but it may not be so successful when placed into a patient. It might not be so strong and durable and the body might even reject it completely, although this is a relatively rare occurrence. Conversely, a dentist may have recently graduated and again, can’t compete on price with other far more experienced dental implant surgeons. As a result they’ll try to compensate for this by offering tantalising prices to gain new clients. While there’s nothing wrong in doing this, you have to ask yourself if you’d be happy undergoing treatment for a dental implant knowing that the person fitting them is relatively inexperienced.

Here at Sheen Dental we’ve been placing dental implants in Richmond for many years and Dr Harmit Kalsi and the team have the experience and the skills to back it up. If you want to find out more about how we can help, then visit our website at  and book yourself a free, no obligation consultation to discuss your dental options.


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