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Dental Implant Misconceptions

Here at Sheen Dental we’ve been fitting dental implants in Richmond with great success for many years and certainly understand that the majority of patients are often somewhat concerned and a little anxious before treatment. Much of this is down to the popular misconceptions that people read into before treatment. For this reason we thought that we would go through a few of the most popular, right here.

Dental Implants Richmond

Dental implant surgery is painful.

With advances in techniques such as conscious sedation patients can now experience a completely pain-free experience. Carefully controlled and monitored sedation techniques keep the patient awake so that they can respond to the needs and requirements of the dentist carrying out the process, but at the same time they feel incredibly relaxed and care-free.

The recovery process is long and painful

Like any type of surgery there may well be some slight swelling and bruising, but this won’t be the case for everyone. Often any pain felt can be eradicated using over-the-counter pain killers. In the majority of cases with a straight forward implant (ie, no bone grafts, sinus lifts etc) the patient is able to return to normal the very next day.

I’m way too old to have dental implants in Richmond!

Although there are some factors that may deem someone unsuitable for dental implants such as those with uncontrollable diabetes, age certainly isn’t one of them. In fact in many cases, dental implants can enhance the life of an elder person in many ways.

Smoking prevents me from having implants!

When it comes to smokers then here at Sheen Dental we assess every situation differently. In most cases the bone of a smoker may well take longer to grow and anchor around the implant. For this reason this is something that has to be monitored closely. However this doesn’t mean that smokers can’t undergo the procedure. Instead we suggest that in order to help the success of the implant and reduce the risk of any infection (especially in the first few weeks after surgery) that they quit smoking for this period.

I’ll be left with a gap in my teeth during the healing process

If you undergo a dental implant in Richmond the fusion/healing process can take up to nine months. This is not dissimilar to any other clinic up and down the country and will often depend upon the healing time of the individual. That said during this healing period a patient should never be left with a gap. Instead a temporary crown is almost always fitted.

Dental implants can last a lifetime

There are no guarantees that dental implants can last a lifetime as there are a number of factors that can have a direct impact on longevity. However what we do know is that according to records the very first person to have implants fitted was a gentleman called Gösta Larsson in 1965. They were functioning well right up until his death in 2006 some 41 years later.

If you’re interested in the implantation procedure and want to find out more about how dental implants in Richmond can benefit you, then contact us at Sheen Dental on 020 8876 5277 or visit our website at to book your free, no-obligation consultation.

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