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Why Does The Cost Of Dental Implants Differ From Clinic To Clinic?

Whether you’re seeking dental implants in Richmond, Harley Street or indeed your local High Street dental surgery you may notice a price variation especially if you’ve been in touch with a few clinics. In some cases price can differ considerably, but why is this? Let’s take a look.

Dental Implants Richmond

Running costs

Overall running costs clearly affect the bottom line and as a result will have a big influence on the end price. For example practices located in central London will have higher overheads than a clinic located in say Inverness. Another issue that affects running costs is the price of materials. Many clinics choose to work with premium quality brands. These have generally been tried, tested and developed over the years to give the patient and the surgeon the best chance of implant success. However more often than not, these come at a price. On the flip side, lesser-known brands that are new to the market generally can’t compete with well-established brands unless of course it’s on price. That said, there are over 150 different makes, models and brands on the market and as a result it really is down to whichever makes/models the dentist feels comfortable using.

How complex the dental implant treatment is

In some cases the dental implant treatment is straight forward especially if bone degeneration hasn’t had chance to occur. If this is the case and the bone is healthy then the costs will be lower. However if the missing tooth has been left for a while then there’s a good chance that the bone tissue that once supported the tooth root has started to recede. If this is the case and there is insufficient bone to attach the implant into, then the patient will need a bone graft, prior to any placement of a dental implant. In Richmond, here at Sheen dental we carry out bone grafts at our clinic on a regular basis but we make people aware that although it’s necessary to give the implants the best chance of success it is is going to have an added cost.

What about the abutment?

Whether a dentist uses an abutment or not may also affect the price. The abutment part of the implant sits just above the gum line and is used to attach the titanium rod to the prosthetic porcelain crown. It is said that an abutment allows for simpler impression taking, thus making a better fit for a porcelain crown. It’s also said to prevent further bone loss in the stages that follow. Some dentists may prefer not to use an abutment at all and whilst this may be a cheaper option, it isn’t always the best solution as it doesn’t always prevent bone loss around the head of the implant.

Type of crown

Finally the type of crown will also have an impact on the final price of a dental implant. Most dental clinics use a mix of dental porcelain which is bonded to metal. These have been tried and tested for many years. Zirconia crowns on the other hand can be more hard-wearing and can appear more natural in terms of looks. The downside of this however is that they are considerably more expensive too!

If you want to find out more about the overall cost of dental implants in Richmond and how they can enhance your life then contact Sheen Dental on 020 8876 5277 or visit our website at Dr Harmit Kalsi and the team are standing to assist. So book your free no-obligation consultation today.


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