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Am I Too Old To Undergo treatment for Dental implants In Richmond?

Inevitably when older people think about undergoing treatment for dental implants in Richmond, the question of age always seems comes up. They begin to wonder whether they are in fact too old to have implant surgery and sometimes won’t pursue it any further because of this belief.

Dental Implants Richmond

The good news is that here at Sheen Dental, age certainly isn’t a barrier and as a result we’ve successfully fitted implants to many people well into their 80’s and beyond. In fact we’ll go so far as to say that for many of our elder patients it’s enhanced their life incredibly, and this is why:

Ends the problems that long term-dentures can cause

Generally speaking dentures are beneficial for tooth loss in the short-term, but for long-term denture wearers they can cause problems. As dentures are fixed into position onto the gum, they don’t stop bone loss and in fact can exacerbate it. This is why dentures need to be regularly adjusted to fit the changing facial features. Over time, snug-fitting dentures can become loose and if left may rub the gums causing extreme soreness. Loose dentures can also cause problems when people eat, not to mention the possibility of acute embarrassment when talking or laughing. As a result this means that many older people who wear dentures tend to withdraw socially and become far less confident than they once were.

Conversely, by their very nature dental implants are fastened directly into the jawline and as a result can not only restore sagging facial features making the person appear younger than their years, but implants can also prevent further bone loss.

Gives greater scope for healthier lifestyle choices

In addition being fitted with dental implants can once again give a person the chance to live a healthy and more active lifestyle. Unlike dentures, the strength and durability of implants are second to none and as result the implant wearer can crunch on an apple or chew on a piece of lean meat, without having to worry about damaging their teeth. It also means that they can pursue an active lifestyle if they so wish without fear of their dentures becoming loose or falling out.

What about insufficient bone mass?

In order to undergo a dental implant in Richmond or indeed anywhere else in the country you’ll need to have sufficient bone mass. The issue is that for many older people, and/or long term denture wearers, this isn’t the case. That said, this doesn’t necessarily spell the end for dental implants. Conversely an implant dentist will be able to perform a standard bone augmentation process to build up the weakened area so that the implant can then be placed.

If you’re an older person and would like to find out more about how a dental implant in Richmond can help you then contact us today. Alternatively, feel free to visit our website at where you can find a wealth of information to help you make an informed decision about the future of your oral health.


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