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Why visit our dentist in Richmond?

Many people don’t visit our dentist Richmond until they experience issues with their teeth or gums, or indeed some kind of dental emergency. However, at our practice we encourage our patients to make regular appointments for check-ups. Here, we explain why this is so important, so that people can make the right choice when it comes to their oral health.

Keeping clean

An important part of a regular check-up with our dentist Richmond is getting teeth and gums professionally cleaned. This is a simple procedure that does not take a lot of time, but it gives patients the opportunity to help maintain optimum condition of their teeth and gums. This can help to prevent any issues developing further down the line, as well as giving increased confidence in having fresh breath between appointments.

Guidance on looking after the teeth and gums

People sometimes struggle to maintain the best possible oral hygiene, and may be unclear about the best toothbrush, toothpaste, floss and other products to use. At Sheen Dental, we encourage all our patients to adopt a regular routine of cleaning and flossing (or using interdental brushes if that is deemed more appropriate).

We are happy to answer any questions about how best to go about establishing a good routine and can even give practical demonstrations on how to brush and floss.

Preventing potential issues

One of the most important reasons to visit us for regular appointments is to allow us the opportunity to spot any potential issues before they become problematic. For example, early signs of gum disease can be treated with relative ease by both our dentist Richmond and the patient concerned. The position of a new wisdom tooth could indicate the possibility of infection or toothache in the future, however, we can help stop that becoming an issue.

A person’s oral health is often an indicator of their health in general. Regular trips to visit a dental professional can mean that more serious issues with the whole body can be detected at relatively early stages – which can be very reassuring for anyone who is serious about maintaining their general health.

Helping to identify areas for improvement

For patients who lack confidence with regard to the appearance of their teeth and gums, we are glad to offer a range of options that can help. For example, if the teeth are misaligned, then fixed braces or clear aligners may well be an option that we can investigate.

Those who are unhappy with the colour of their teeth, or who are concerned about staining from the consumption of things like tea, coffee and red wine, can talk to us about potential stain removal and teeth whitening options that will be both safe and effective.

Whatever the potential issue may be, we are happy to discuss and offer a range of options that help our patients to improve their smile. Many people find that having the support and expertise of a good dentist can have quite a significant impact on their confidence. It is well worth making that appointment from the point of view of feeling good and achieving optimum oral health.


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