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Why Do Dentures Become Loose and What Can Be Done to Remedy This?

Dental Implants Richmond

When you first got your denture you were hopefully pretty pleased with the results. Your dentist would have worked with you to make sure the fit was comfortable, and that they were reasonably secure in your mouth. While it might have taken a few weeks to get used to them, you probably found you were able to eat and speak reasonably well. If that was a few years ago, the situation might well have changed quite a bit. Perhaps you’re finding they are becoming increasingly loose and uncomfortable, and maybe are creating sore patches in your mouth? You might be worried about socialising with others as you can feel they are loose and more difficult to keep in position. This could be limiting the foods you enjoy, and you may well be spending a lot of money on costly and messy denture adhesives. So why have they become so loose and uncomfortable?

Your Gums Change Shape over the Years

Over time your gums will have begun to change shape quite a bit. You might’ve even notice this happening especially if you wear a lower denture, as that bony ridge could look a lot flatter than it used to. This is just something that happens naturally and is caused by bone being reabsorbed in the jaw, and is due to the fact that the tooth roots will have been removed so your jaw will have ceased to replace old bone cells. The problem is exacerbated by wearing ill-fitting dentures as this places increasing pressure on the gums and bone tissue, increasing the rate of bone re-absorption.

Finding a Solution to Loose Dentures

One solution would be to have the dentures remade or relined, but it might be better to ask Dr Harmit Kalsi about having dental implants in Richmond, as these can be used to support a denture so it is securely held in position and no longer supported on the gums. This will mean you can socialise with others without the worry about the denture moving around, and you’ll probably find you can eat a greater range of foods so your general health could benefit from better nutrition.

There could be another side effect from having new implant supported dentures. If you have won your dentures for quite a few years then the dimensions of your face could have changed as the gums began to reabsorb. It’s important to maintain the proper height between the upper and lower jaw as this will support your lips and cheeks, maintaining your appearance. If these dimensions have been diminished over the years then you could well notice a rather nice difference in your appearance.

Implant supported dentures are only likely to require a few implants to secure them. This means the overall cost of having dental implants in Richmond is much more affordable than considering replacing every tooth with an implant.

If you’re ready to find out more about how to deal with loose dentures then it’s well worth making an appointment at Sheen Dental. The initial consultation is free and it’s your chance to discover much more about dental implants in Richmond and how they could help you.


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