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The benefits of Incognito lingual braces

Incognito braces are made from metal, yet nobody will see them in everyday life. They are a very popular option with adults seeking orthodontic treatment at our Richmond dental practice, and can be designed to correct a wide range of issues.

Sheen Dental in Richmond believes in providing dental treatments that fit around your lifestyle as much as possible. It’s not hard to understand why obvious metal braces are seen as incompatible with modern adult lifestyles. Incognito offer a much subtler option.


You may well be asking how a metal brace can be invisible – it sounds like something out of the Harry Potter universe. Whilst there is no actual magic involved in Incognito treatment, many patients at our Richmond dental practice are delighted by the fairy tale results they produce.

Here’s how it works. . .

Traditional brace systems are fixed to the front of the teeth for the duration of treatment, whilst aligner systems such as Invisalign are clear and removable and fitted over the teeth. Incognito are lingual braces, which means they are attached to the rear – lingual – surfaces of the teeth, rendering them invisible in everyday life.

People will only see your Incognito braces if they are looking directly down into your mouth. Considering that is most likely to be your orthodontist, hygienist, or dentist, nobody else needs to know you are having orthodontic treatment unless you want to tell them.

Unlike some of the more cosmetically focussed brace systems available from our Richmond dental practice, Incognito can correct a more extensive range of issues. They are made out of gold alloy, which means that they are an excellent option if an allergy to nickel has previously prevented you from getting orthodontic treatment.

It can sometimes take a little longer to get used to the feel of braces on the rear of your teeth than with those fixed to the front of them, but most people at our Richmond practice adapt very quickly and are surprised by how comfortable Incognito lingual braces are.

After your braces have been fitted you should visit the hygienist at our Richmond clinic to learn how to clean around them.


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