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When are Single Tooth Implants Used?

Here at Sheen Dental we’ve been fitting dental implants in Richmond for many years and one of the most popular implantations we carry out is the single tooth implant. So what exactly is it and when should it be used?

Dental Implants Richmond

The single-tooth variety of implant can be used by people who are missing one or more teeth and is surgically placed and fastened into the jawbone. The implant itself acts as a new root for the crown which then fills the space in your mouth that the missing tooth once occupied.

Although it sounds fairly straight forward and it usually is, there are some stipulations. Firstly the patient must have sufficient bone in the jaw to create a base for which to fasten the implant into. Secondly that bone has to be healthy enough and strong enough to withstand the natural use of the implant. If there isn’t enough bone or it isn’t strong enough then your dentist may well suggest a process of bone augmentation. This is where fragments of bone are either taken from other areas of your own body, or from a bone bank and grafted into place. Over time the bone should regenerate the area making the old bone stronger, healthier and indeed more plentiful.

If a bone augmentation or graft is needed then it will have to regenerate and heal before placing the dental implants in Richmond. Here at Sheen Dental we know that healing time in individuals is never the same and therefore estimates of the healing time before the implant surgery can be carried out are going to differ from patient to patient. However it’s normally somewhere between 1-3 months.


The single tooth implant is usually made up of three parts. Firstly the titanium implant or screw-like rod; secondly the metal ball-like abutment which is fashioned from either titanium, porcelain or gold and sits neatly on top of the implant on the gum line; and finally, the porcelain prosthetic crown. Collectively they make up what we know as a single tooth implant; however the implant itself is really only the titanium screw-like rod.

Single tooth implants are ideal for replacing missing teeth across a wide variety of patients from all age groups and as such are a very popular choice amongst both dentists and individuals. They can offer a permanent life-like feel to tooth problems and as such have the ability to restore confidence levels and bring back that beautiful smile once and for all.

If you need any more information on just how dental implants in Richmond can enhance your life then contact us on 020 8876 5277 or visit our website at


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