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Preventive oral health care by a dentist Richmond

If you are looking to ensure that your teeth and gums remain healthy for life, then you are going to need to adopt some measures of oral health care that focus on the prevention of disease and decay.

A lot of issues such as bad breath and staining are cosmetic indications of poor oral health which can lead to further, more complex, complications later down the track if they are not addressed swiftly and correctly. By speaking to a dentist Richmond, you can see for yourself what issues are unique to your oral health situation and find solutions that address both the cosmetic concerns that you might have, as well as the longer term seriousness of your case.

When discussing options, a dentist Richmond will likely recommend the option of having teeth professionally cleaned in order to remove the build-up of bacteria, plaque and tartar that can cause significant damage to the teeth and gums. A professional skilled in this line of work has the necessary tools and experience to effectively remove any significant build-up on teeth to leave them feeling and looking fresher and healthier.

This kind of treatment is usually offered in conjunction with regular dental consultations and is not one and the same. Although a dentist Richmond can provide a scale and polish, professional cleaning options go much further than this kind of treatment.

What is the difference?

Hygiene treatments are very thorough and begin with a consultation to inspect the severity of staining and potential disease of the gums to understand the risk of tooth loss and other concerns that you might be faced with.

From there, a bespoke plan is usually established, which is created with a long term viewpoint in mind. Immediate changes will be made however, during the course of your appointment, but you may need to revisit our dental practice several times in order to get on top of any periodontal disease that you are facing and to ensure that your teeth and gums are given the fighting chance that they deserve.

One of the main roles that hygiene specialists have is that they educate their patients, so that a lot of the work of maintaining a healthy and clean mouth can be done at home. Every individual is different and therefore the generalised advice surrounding oral health doesn’t always apply directly.

By understanding what the right kind of toothbrush and toothpaste to use is, in addition to how to use it properly and how often, you can make a phenomenal difference to the condition of your mouth with every passing day.

Also, by committing to having your teeth and gums checked and professionally cleaned at least every 6 months, you can ensure that any light staining that has not been removed at home can be erased and that any risk of disease is managed and monitored with the effects reduced, giving you a better quality of life as your smile remains strong and healthy for years to come.

Come in and see what a professional clean is all about. You’ll be amazed at the improvements you can see and feel.


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