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Overcoming your fear of the dentist

It is estimated that up to 40% of people in the UK experience some amount of anxiety or discomfort when they visit the dentist. However, very few of them have such a strong fear that prevents them from actually visiting the dentist.

At Sheen Dental, we appreciate that you may be afraid of visiting the dentist in Richmond and we will do our best to help you overcome your fears and establish a great relationship with your oral care provider. Our friendly and experienced dentists will listen to your concerns and take them into consideration while planning your treatment. Our aim is to make you feel as comfortable as possible at all times – it doesn’t matter whether you are visiting for a simple check-up, or if you are in the dentist’s chair for a dental implant consultation.

What causes fear of the dentist?

In most cases, people who are reluctant to visit the dentist have experienced some traumatic event in the past. The fear can also be caused by a bad interaction from a dentist. There are also many misconceptions surrounding dental procedures and this can lead to illogical fear. Some people are simply embarrassed by their mouth, while others do not feel comfortable with someone poking in their mouth. Last but not least, many people are afraid of certain dental tools and the pain they may cause (i.e. drill, injections).

How to overcome your fear

At Sheen Dental, we are dedicated to helping you overcome your fear no matter how serious it is. You can rest assured that our dentist in Richmond will never judge the state of your teeth – instead, they will do their best to restore your oral health. We also use relaxation techniques such as deep breathing exercises and images to diminish fear. Local anaesthesia is provided for most dental procedures and we also provide sedation options to patients who are feeling uncomfortable about a specific procedure (i.e. dental implants). Your dentist in Richmond will take into account the severity of your fear and will offer the best solution possible.

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