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Nutrition and care advice from the dentist in Richmond

One of the great services that your dentist in Richmond, at Sheen Dental, can provide is professional advice. We keep abreast of the latest recommendations and studies to give you the best knowledge.

Keeping up to date with your check-ups leads to a greater chance of lasting oral health. There are things you can do nutritionally and in regard to your oral health routine to support the work of your dentist in Richmond. After all, most of your oral care takes place at home, so it’s up to you to follow the advice that they give.

Dentist in Richmond


What you eat is important. Many foods contain sugars, but those that are full of refined sugar are the worst for your teeth. They coat them in the kind of sugar that the bacteria in your mouth just love. Did you know that how you eat can also affect the health of your teeth? Snacking between meals means more opportunities for damaging carbohydrates to work on your enamel.

Foods that are good for your teeth include apples, almonds, greens, yoghurt and cheese. The latter raises the pH level inside your mouth, making it more alkaline, which helps to prevent tooth decay. Many of these foods also contain the kind of nutrition that strengthens tooth enamel.

Oral care

You can choose the dental habits that work best for you from your dentist’s advice. You may wish to include all of these for a thorough routine:

  • Toothbrush – choosing the right toothbrush will help you to brush your teeth effectively. Something soft with a small head will protect your gums and allow you to reach tight corners. Some people like to use an electric toothbrush;

  • Floss or interdental brushes – achieving a thorough clean between the teeth is important for preventing the build-up of debris that isn’t removed by brushing alone;

  • Mouthwash – antibacterial mouthwash helps to keep the mouth fresh and healthy whilst fluoride-based mouthwashes strengthen the teeth and help to prevent decay.

Bear in mind that diligence is great for your teeth but over-brushing can cause damage too. Unless you need to brush more frequently to support a treatment like teeth straightening, for example, two or three times per day is enough.


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