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Let us talk about tooth decay: a perspective from a dentist in Richmond

Rotten teeth are not the most glamorous topic of conversation, but since tooth decay still runs rampant in Britain, it is one conversation that needs to be had.

Dental care is more affordable than ever, with the most vital procedures covered by the NHS. So why are people still suffering from diseases that are, by and large, preventable?

One of our biggest frustrations that we, as a dental clinic face, is people not prioritising their teeth because, for the most part, an unhealthy mouth is not normally thought of as a catastrophe.

That said, an unhealthy mouth is more than just inconvenient and uncomfortable It can completely disrupt your life in various ways. Have an opportunity to land yourself that dream job? You might be qualified, but the condition of your teeth might prevent your potential employees from hiring you. Love munching on apples? Weak and sensitive teeth might stop you from enjoying the occasional golden delicious.

Stop putting your oral health on the backburner and come to us for a check-up. Let us assist you in achieving optimal oral health starting today.

Teaching the importance of dental health in childhood

Neglecting to teach children to take proper care of their teeth can lead to a lifetime of battling with rotten teeth and gum infections as adults.

Children as young as five years old are susceptible to cavities. The 2017 national health report presented the findings that 31% of kids aged five showed signs of tooth decay, which is not an insignificant statistic. A child with bad teeth is restricted in various ways, especially psychologically, often leading to feelings of self -consciousness and embarrassment.

How do we change that? Children learn by example; they mirror the behaviour of their role models, their parents. Start doing things like making teeth brushing a family activity, and buy toothbrushes and pastes in their favourite colours. You should also give them a sense of responsibility by allowing them to brush their teeth first before you take over from them to remove the plaque they might have missed.

You can also educate them about why dental hygiene is essential, and whichever questions you cannot answer yourself pose to us, Sheen Dental Care, a reputable dentist in Richmond.

Dedicate time to your teeth

Plaque is the filmy material that clings to your teeth and gums that forms after you eat. After 24-72 hours of being in your mouth, it begins to harden into tartar. While plaque is easy to clean, tartar is more tightly bonded to your teeth and needs to be removed by a dentist in Richmond. Failure to do so could result in dental caries, gingivitis or periodontitis.

Prevent the onslaught of mouth infections and diseases by adhering to the basics - brush twice a day for at least two minutes using a fluoride toothpaste, and do not forget to incorporate flossing into your cleaning routine. Avoid smoking, and limit your intake of sugar, as well as food that stains. Most importantly of all - make time to visit your dentist in Richmond twice a year.

Prevention is the best cure. Take care of your teeth as you would the rest of your physical health and educate yourself and your children about the adverse consequences of not doing so.


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