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Introducing our dental clinic

As a dentist in Richmond, we’ve been treating hundreds of local people for more than 25 years and are a longstanding part of the community. We’re known for providing a high standard of care and treatment to all our patients.

When you need a new dentist, it’s not easy to find one in the area you live and there are some which may not be accepting new patients. As a trusted dentist in Richmond, we’re open and available to register new patients.

How to register

You can come into our dental clinic and complete a registration form, which will be followed up with an initial appointment. At this appointment, your dentist will evaluate the overall health of your mouth, take some dental photos and complete an examination of your teeth and gums. The examination will let your dentist know about any possible issues and treatment that might be needed.


Instead of spending ages on the phone queuing to bad music, patients can register online and book an appointment with us. What our patients also like is that we provide text reminders for appointments and up-to-date, modern equipment, techniques and practices, such as digital X-rays and CT scans. Patients can park for free on our premises and there is disabled parking also. There’s a welcoming waiting area where patients can read newspapers and magazines, and relax with a hot or cold drink.

Pricing Options

Sheen Dental offers its patients affordable and quality dental care, but there are times when treatment can cost that little bit more. In these times, our dentist in Richmond offers an interest-free payment plan to spread out those costs and make it manageable for you.

Personal care

Our knowledgeable and approachable dentists will talk with you about any issues you have and other dental services you might be interested in. It’s important that our team ensure you’re given a personalised service, with our dentists listening to your needs, giving you the information you need and providing dental aftercare.

If you have any concerns or questions, the team at our dentist in Richmond will always be happy to discuss these with you. We can also offer advice about how to look after your teeth at home.


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