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How we take care of pregnant women

At Sheen Dental, your dentist in Richmond, we take special care of pregnant women. We know that when you are having a baby, you are extra vigilant about your health because it is also the health of your unborn baby.

You are probably wondering whether visiting the dentist in Richmond is a good idea, or whether you should wait until after your baby is born. Many oral health treatments, including teeth cleaning, x-rays, pain medication, and local anaesthesia, are safe during pregnancy, when they are carried out by your experienced dentist in Richmond.

Dentist in Richmond

Why is it important to see us when you’re pregnant?

The truth is that it is even more important to have dental check-ups when you are pregnant. Taking care of your teeth and gums while you are pregnant is even more important because your body’s hormonal changes can increase your risk of gum disease. This is because they make your mouth a more hospitable environment for the bacteria that produce plaque.

This can lead to a condition known as pregnancy gingivitis, the symptoms of which are red and swollen gums. Pregnancy gingivitis can start within the first 2 months of your pregnancy. Progesterone is the hormone that can be to blame as its higher than levels can affect the body’s response to bacteria. Your Richmond dentist will remove plaque build-up and we can also apply a fluoride treatment to protect your teeth from decay.

Issues that affect your health can also affect your baby’s health, so it’s a good idea to come and see us before you get pregnant, if you are planning a baby. We can then address any potential problems in advance.

As for dental treatments in general, there is no evidence to suggest that you should avoid dental work at any stage of your pregnancy if you really need it. If you don’t, then it’s best not to come during your first 3 months or last half of the third trimester of your pregnancy.

You can have a check-up with your Richmond dentist at any stage in your pregnancy, but if you want something that requires surgery, such as dental implants, you’re best to wait until after you’ve had your baby.


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