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How do dental sealants work to prevent tooth decay?

Updated: Jul 18, 2021

As with adults, tooth decay can also affect children. As a matter of fact, children are more prone to cavities, because they are more likely to consume sugary foods and drinks. Daily brushing and flossing can remove bacteria from the teeth and gums, but this is not enough for a complete oral healthcare routine.

Dentist in SW14

At Sheen Dental we often observe that tooth decay in children occurs on the biting surfaces of the back teeth. This is because molars and premolars are harder to reach by children during brushing and flossing and as a result, these teeth are harder to keep clean. Our dentist in SW14may recommend protecting your children’s teeth with dental sealants that act as barriers against food remains and harmful bacteria.

Tooth decay in children

While improved oral hygiene habits have led to fewer cases of tooth decay in the UK over the years, cavities in young children are on the rise. This is partly because children consume more sugar than they should on a daily basis and partly because parents are not properly informed on the consequences of exposure to sugary foods and drinks such as store-bought juices and milk bottles. Sipping on sugary drinks for hours or sending babies to bed with a bottle of milk are major causes of tooth decay among young children that cannot be prevented by simple brushing and flossing.

What are dental sealants?

Dentists have been using sealants to protect children’s teeth from decay for many years and they have proven to be perfectly safe and effective. Moreover, recent research has revealed that sealants can also stop cavities from forming and reverse tooth decay. These small, plastic coatings are attached directly to the back teeth, creating a barrier over them and preventing bacteria from entering into the pits and fissures of your children’s teeth. Our dentist in SW14will paint the sealants carefully on your children’s teeth and ensure that they harden properly.

With proper care, dental sealants can last for many years and can protect your children’s teeth from cavities and tooth decay effectively.

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