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How an orthodontist can subtly improve your smile

You are never too old to benefit from the services of an orthodontist. That’s what we believe at Sheen Dental in Richmond, and in response to the increasing demand for adult orthodontic treatment that fits around the demands of a busy professional lifestyle, we offer a number of subtle methods of straightening teeth.


Treatment from an orthodontist is now seen as standard for children and teenagers in the UK, but not so long ago that wasn’t the case. Many adults missed out on the opportunity to improve the alignment of their teeth in their younger years, whilst others had treatment only to fail to persist with the retention phase, meaning that their teeth shifted back out of position.

At our Richmond dental practice we are keen to point out that adult orthodontics isn’t just about aesthetics and creating a beautiful smile – although that is often the primary driving force for adults seeking treatment – it is also about improving the function of the jaw and helping to maintain a mouth full of healthy teeth for life.

Crowded, crooked, or otherwise misaligned teeth can make it difficult to keep your teeth clean, leading to an increased risk of dental decay and gum disease – both of which can lead to tooth loss. Issues with the bite can cause difficulties with eating a full, healthy diet, and can cause excess wear and tear on some of your teeth.

Whatever your orthodontic concern, when you come to Sheen Dental in Richmond your orthodontist will perform a thorough clinical assessment before recommending the most appropriate course of treatment.

We use both fixed braces and removable aligners at our Richmond dental practice. Each have their own benefits, and your orthodontist will ensure that any treatment you are prescribed fits both your clinical situation and your lifestyle requirements as much as possible.

Fixed braces such as Clarity and Damon are made from tooth-coloured and clear components, and give your orthodontist excellent control over the movement of each tooth. Incognito lingual braces are very discreet because they are attached to the rear surfaces of your teeth, whilst Invisalign aligners are clear and removable at home.


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