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Dos and don’t’s of oral care from the dentist in Richmond

Many people ask our dentist in Richmond about how they might take better care of their teeth and gums. Here at Sheen Dental, we help our patients to practise preventive care as well as providing a multitude of solutions to any dental issues they may encounter. Preventive care is all about looking after the oral health as much as possible, therefore minimising the likelihood that any treatments or interventions are needed.

Do brush every day

Brushing the teeth twice daily with a decent fluoride toothpaste helps to keep them clean and freshens the breath. Flossing is important too. Any patient who is unsure about the best way to floss should consult with our dentist in Richmond to learn an effective technique. Some people find interdental brushes easier to use, and these can be just as effective as flossing.

Don’t smoke

Smoking is especially bad for oral health. It restricts blood flow to the gums and often causes the teeth to become yellow and stained. People who smoke often suffer from bad breath, and they have an increased risk of issues such as gum disease and tooth loss. All these issues can have a major impact on self-confidence and a greater likelihood of developing problems with the health in general.

Any patient who wants to stop smoking should talk to our dentist in Richmond for advice and guidance. There is plenty of help available, including nicotine replacement therapy and cognitive behavioural therapy, both of which can be very effective in breaking the habit.

Do drink tap water

Most tap water contains fluoride, which is important for taking care of the enamel of the teeth. Without sufficient enamel, the teeth become much more vulnerable to damage, chips, breaks and cavities. Choosing tap water as the drink consumed most often throughout the day can help to protect the teeth from these kinds of issues and safeguard oral health.

Don’t drink lots of fizz

Fizzy drinks can be very destructive to one’s oral health. Many people make the mistake of thinking that if they choose diet or sugar free fizzy drinks, then they will not damage their teeth. However, even these versions are very acidic, which means that they can wear away enamel and cause the teeth to become much more vulnerable.

Do eat crunchy raw vegetables

Crunchy raw vegetables such as carrot sticks and celery can help to clean the teeth, especially if they are consumed after a meal. They aid in loosening bits of food and are naturally cleansing. If a person chooses to enjoy snacks like this in place of sugary treats, they can improve the health of their teeth and gums rather than causing it to lessen.

Don’t drink too much alcohol

Many alcoholic drinks are acidic, which means they can damage the teeth and mean a person is more likely to need specialist help. In addition, regular consumption of alcohol, especially if it is outside of recommended limits, increases the risk of oral cancer.


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