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Choosing a dentist in SW14

How do you know which dentist to choose? In an area like Richmond, there are many possibilities. You need to consider a range of factors such as:

  • Do I need a dentist in SW14 that covers all areas of dentistry or just one that I’m particularly in need of right now?

  • Am I looking for a practice that covers the whole family, or just me?

  • Does the environment matter to me? Do I want a modern, comfortable surgery or am I happy with basic surroundings?

  • Does it matter to me if I get on with the dentist and the reception staff?

  • Do I want to be texted to remind me of my appointments?

  • Does it matter if the surgery is brand new or long-established in the area?

  • Do I need to park at the practice or get there easily on public transport?

  • Do I want a dentist that uses all the modern technology available?

Dentist in SW14

Sheen Dental: a dentist in SW14 for all needs

Here at Sheen Dental, we provide a complete dentistry service:

  • we are a general dentist, carrying out routine checks and procedures such as extractions and root canals;

  • we focus on preventive care with a range of clinics to promote oral health such as fresh breath, stop smoking and mouth cancer screening;

  • we offer restorations such as dental implants, dentures and bridges;

  • nervous patients can opt for conscious sedation to help them relax during dental surgery;

  • we fit a range of braces, including fixed, removable, hidden and invisible ones;

  • we’re also an emergency dentist in case you crack, chip or knock out a tooth;

  • we work with the whole family: from children and teens to pregnant women and elderly patients;

and we provide cosmetic services such as tooth whitening, gum contouring and veneers, to help brighten up the smile.

We’ve treated generations of the same family and our current owners have been here for 25 years. Patient comfort and care is very important to us and we also invest in our staff with regular training and professional development.

We use all the technology we can to make life easier for you: from CT scans to online booking and TV screens in reception.


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