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Changing dentist

It’s not easy when you move somewhere new and you need to change your dentist. That’s because they’ve gotten to know you well over time after years of appointments and you’ve built that trusting relationship and they understand your needs. When you see your dentist, it puts you more at ease than it’d feel going to a new one.

If you’re new to the area and need to find a dentist in Richmond, you may find yourself wondering where you’re going to find a reliable dentist who’s half as great as your previous one. It doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time to find a new dentist that you can trust and feel comfortable with. Sheen Dental is available to help and is accepting new patients. We provide a welcoming environment with friendly and helpful staff only too happy to register you and book you into your first appointment.

How to find a new dentist

One of the most reliable ways to find out about a dentist in Richmond is by speaking to your neighbours and getting some word of mouth recommendations. Reach out to local groups or ask at your local community centre for suggestions.


We understand patients’ reservations of registering with a dentist in Richmond and with our team of dental professionals, we make this easy and straightforward. Complete a short form and you’ll be given an appointment to meet your dentist and go through a complete dental health assessment. This is the time to speak with your dentist about any concerns or queries you have.

Family members

Many people sign up everyone in their family with the same dentist. Not only does it create consistency with understanding your family’s needs, but it makes appointment booking much easier. This is especially true when there’s work, school and other commitments to consider!

It’s worthwhile considering your family members’ needs and talking about these.

What to expect

As a dentist in Richmond, we expect patients to visit us once every 6 months. If not, once a year as a minimum is encouraged. For problems that need immediate attention, patients can call us at any time during opening hours to get an appointment or contact 111 for further information.


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