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Catch it early with regular check-ups

Are you good about going to the dentist in Richmond for regular check-ups, or do you tend to let them slide and not bother booking twice-yearly visits? Is it because you are scared of what we might find out? If so, is that because you are scared of having to have painful treatments? Or maybe it’s the painful bills that put you off coming to see us here at Sheen Dental?

Well, if any or all of the above is true, then we’d like to re-educate you around the importance of check-ups.

Dentist in SW14

The benefits of a check-up

Check-ups with the dentist in Richmond don’t actually hurt, but they can prevent more painful things occurring in the future. You see, the things that lead to painful treatments and painful bills – tooth decay and gum disease – don’t hurt at all in their early stages.

Your teeth could be decaying away for a while before you notice any pain or sensitivity to hot or cold. When you start to notice the decay, it will be because it has reached the nerves inside your teeth. You may even have an infection, or, heaven forbid, an abscess. At the very least, the filling will be bigger than if we’d spotted the decay when it first started. You might even have to have an inlay or onlay, or a crown, or root canal therapy. If you’ve really left it too late, then you are into the realms of extraction, fixed bridges or dental implants.

Then there’s gum disease. You won’t be able to feel that in its early stages either, and the longer you leave it without treatment the more likely it is to get under the edge of the gum and into the bone. And that can also result in tooth loss.

So, you can see that the longer you leave your check-ups, the more likely the cost and the fear factor around pain is going to rise.

We can help you spread the cost by putting you on our Dencare Plan, so that you can pay a fixed monthly fee to cover your regular costs.

You only get one set of adult teeth. Let us, as your dentist in Richmond, look after them.


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