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Ask your dentist in Richmond about implants

Admitting to having cosmetic surgery was once an almost taboo subject, but nowadays it’s become accepted and almost mundane for someone to pop into a practice and have a little work done. All over the world people are fixing up their smiles with different treatments and techniques, one that’s popular is implantation.

Why you would need implants

Normally your dentist in Richmond would recommend implants to you if you had any chips, cracks or gaps in your teeth that made you feel self-conscious or would lead to further damage. They remedy these problems with implanted prosthetic teeth that straighten up your smile and give it a more natural look.

The treatment process

The procedure for implants is straightforward and it shouldn’t take too much time out of your day.

When you initially come in to visit your dentist in Richmond, they will first examine the area they are implanting the tooth into and there may also be X-rays or 3D imaging scans taken to get an accurate picture of what needs to be done. From there a detailed check of your medical history will occur to make sure you’re not allergic to any medication, anaesthetic or other drugs used in the treatment. After all the proper checks have been done your implant will be fitted in a quick procedure.

There tends to be two types of treatment, there is the endosteal, which is the most common and features a porcelain implant being fitted to a titanium screw and bonded to the bone of your jaw. Then there is the subperiosteal grafted on or around the bone instead of inside it. This option is usually reserved for patients with not enough healthy jawbone to graft to or for those unable to go through reconstructive surgery.

How to care for your implant

After implantation there are a few things you need to practice at home to keep your implant looking as good as new. After all, at Sheen Dental we will ensure that you’re provided with all the information you need to keep your smile shining for a long time.

First, when brushing or flossing try to not press too hard on the tooth as you may damage it or your gums. Also, until your implant settles try staying away from mouthwash for a while as the chemicals can irritate your gums and slow down the healing process.

The advantages of implants

There are numerous benefits to having implants. For starters they help with problems with speech caused by missing or damaged teeth, they look more natural and they’re sturdy enough so that you won’t need constant visits for maintenance. Although that doesn’t mean you can skip out on your six-month check-up.

Hopefully this has helped clear up a few key facts about implants as they’re a great way to help you improve your smile by giving it a more natural look. If you’re curious about this treatment, then try asking one of our team members about it on your next appointment.


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