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Are you seeking out a dentist in Richmond to find your true smile?

How can we help?

At Sheen Dental, it is both our pride and our pleasure to do all that we can to put a smile on the faces of our patients. We are a dentist in Richmond who offers a range of different procedures - expanding from conventional dentistry into some of the most cutting-edge cosmetic procedures out there. Everything we do is tailored around the wants of each individual patient, and we believe that a unique approach needs to be taken to every new challenge. We recognise that in an increasingly superficial society, many of us can feel pressured about the way we look. Whilst we believe that every smile is beautiful, we also sympathise with those who live every day hiding their smile away out of embarrassment or fear. This, we feel, is no way to live and we strive to help those who have dental issues which may be causing them embarrassment - such as missing teeth or stained, yellowed teeth - to visit our cosmetic dentist in Richmond to begin taking action and regaining control over their outward appearance and their overall sense of self.

Understanding dental implants

One of the hardest dental problems to live with, day to day, is having one or more missing teeth. Besides the damaging effect that this can have on your ability to speak or eat properly, and the long-term ramifications of how it can result in bone loss around your jaw - (often resulting in your entire facial structure becoming altered) - it is also a weight around many peoples’ necks socially. People who have visibly missing teeth are usually treated differently from those who have a full set of teeth. This isn’t fair, but it is a fundamental human reaction. Because of this, we are a dentist in Richmond who urges those who have a missing tooth, or teeth, to take action and restore their smile to the best it can be - and, in turn, restore the quality of their daily lives.

How do they work?

If you have had a missing tooth for some time, you have probably seen some of the various options that exist to bridge the gaps - such as dental bridges or crowns. While these are effective enough, they do not necessarily address the problem at its core, but rather just cover it up. Dental implants however, are the only treatment of its kind which permanently solves the problem of missing teeth at the root. This is done by implanting an artificial tooth root directly into the jawbone of the patient - through a relatively simple dental operation. This artificial root is deeply placed within the patient's jawbone, and is made from a unique titanium-alloy which allows it to blend together with the patient’s bone tissue. In doing so, the result is that the root is fused in place in an identical fashion to how a natural tooth would be. Once the new root has fused itself together with the patient’s jawbone, a replica tooth is then inserted onto the root. Therefore, the space within the patient's mouth is filled in a way which both looks and feels exactly as a natural tooth would, and affords them all the privileges of having a healthy, full set of teeth.


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