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Your hygienist Richmond on periodontal disease

Periodontal disease, otherwise known as gum disease, is a condition that is generally painless and therefore goes completely undetected by individuals who do not seek oral health care from a professional on a regular basis. It is unfortunately one of the leading causes of tooth loss in adults, affecting not only the gums, but the bone supporting the teeth as well.

It is a bacterial infection and therefore treatable and manageable with the right kind of tools and care. This is where your hygienist Richmond comes in. We look at the condition of your teeth during your initial appointment and set a course of action that best addresses the concerns that you have.

By looking at ways to support you in managing any periodontal disease that you may have and cleaning your teeth to reduce the spread of the disease, we can begin a journey together towards a healthier smile that can serve you longer. It is never too late to embark on such a journey towards improved health, so come in and see us to see what we can do to help your smile remain fully functional and strong.

What does a professional clean do?

We work to remove the bacteria in the mouth responsible for gum disease, as well as that which causes bad breath and decay. By using pastes and specialist tools, our hygienist Richmond can scrape away at the build-up of plaque and tartar which is a combination of bacteria, food and saliva which cements itself to areas of your teeth that aren’t cleaned consistently and correctly.

We hold no judgement of people and everyone has some degree of plaque on their teeth in harder to reach places, unless they frequently visit a specialist who can remove this sticky substance, even then, a small amount of plaque is sometimes unavoidable, depending on the individual and their lifestyle choices and history. It is simply that this plaque will eventually cause decay and potentially even tooth loss should it continue to develop on teeth and go untreated.

We work hard to ensure that your smile remains as strong and as healthy as it can be for as long as possible, resulting in you being able to enjoy your natural teeth for longer and even potentially your whole life. It is only when you have lost your natural teeth do you begin to recognise the importance of them. By making the way easy for our patients to maintain a healthy smile, we ensure that you do not need to experience tooth loss prematurely.

A professional clean by our hygienist Richmond will allow you to enjoy fresher breath, a white smile and teeth that are free from plaque and tartar, that not only look attractive but are healthy as well.

By removing stains on your teeth and any food debris and bacteria that is in your mouth, you can experience that clean and fresh feeling, whilst feeling confident about your smile again. By visiting one of our professionals every 6 months, you can maintain a healthier looking and feeling smile.


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