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Your hygienist in Richmond provides teeth whitening aftercare guidelines

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

Many people opt for our teeth whitening treatments to achieve a white and beautiful smile. Teeth whitening treatments offer a myriad of benefits. We understand that you may expect that the effects can last you a lifetime.

However, for you to enjoy a long-lasting white smile, you must take care of your teeth after teeth whitening procedures. Our dentists can provide you with advice and tools that you can use for aftercare.

You should attend your dental appointments faithfully and use any products as directed by our dentists so that the results are long-lasting. Here are some other essential aftercare tips that will keep the effects of teeth whitening longer.

Brush your teeth gently

One of the essential teeth whitening aftercare tips, as advised by our hygienist in Richmond is brushing your teeth properly. It is the first step towards lasting effects of teeth whitening treatment. Our dedicated professionals recommend patients develop a habit of brushing their teeth after every meal if they want the effects of teeth whitening to last for long. The food you eat tends to stain your teeth. You shouldn’t let your teeth discolour again due to poor dental hygiene.

Avoid coloured foods

The first 48 hours after a teeth whitening procedure are the most crucial to your teeth. Your teeth are prone to discolouration at this time. Therefore, if you want the best, long-lasting effects of teeth whitening, you should avoid the intake of coloured foods. Also, our dentists advise patients to avoid tobacco at this time. Avoid cherries, beets, wine, chocolate, tea, and coffee, especially during the first two days after teeth whitening treatment.

You can preserve your teeth whiteness by consuming certain foods as part of the aftercare. Make sure you consult with our hygienist in Richmond before leaving our clinic to make sure you understand the foods that can help with maintaining teeth whiteness. For instance, it is advisable to eat vegetables, crunchy fruits, carrots, apples, green beans, and celery. These foods improve saliva production, helping your teeth to counteract acids.

A note on sensitivity

A large percentage of people experience some degree of sensitivity after a teeth whitening procedure. A trick that can help with that is investing in toothpaste that can assist with sensitivity. You can also buy a gel and apply it to your teeth after the procedure. The products will aid in reducing the discomfort you may experience after the treatment.

Keep in touch

An essential tooth whitening aftercare tip is to follow up with our dentists. You need to visit our dentists for examination after the teeth whitening procedure is complete. Our dentists will check for anything wrong and advise accordingly, to make sure that the treatment was effective. Our hygienist in Richmond will also make sure that you are following the aftercare guidelines given for lasting teeth whitening effects.

Teeth whitening treatment is an inexpensive procedure that can help with your self-esteem and how you view and care for your smile. It should be seen as an investment that ought to be guarded. You need to take care of your teeth after the whitening treatment so that your beautiful and white smile lasts for longer.


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