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Your dental hygiene appointment explained

A typical dental hygiene appointment entails a check-up and cleaning for most patients. Dental hygiene appointments are quick and easy and will help your mouth stay fresh and clean for longer.

Your hygienist in Richmond will look for early signs of gum disease and tooth decay as well as enable us to remove plaque and bacteria from your teeth. Our dental hygienists at Sheen Dental will also provide advice on the right brushing and flossing techniques.

What are the different stages of a dental hygiene check-up?

During your dental examination, your dentist will typically inspect your mouth and gums. During this short inspection, we will use a mirror and other tools to be able to see around all the surfaces of the teeth and gums. Our dentist will use their hands to look around your mouth and soft tissue and look for signs of oral cancer such as lumps, lesions or any other irregularities.

A thorough dental check-up may also include x-rays, which can determine whether oral issues such as jawbone loss, tooth decay, irregular movement of teeth and gum disease are present.

Once this process is over, your hygienist in Richmond will remove hardened plaque from your teeth and gums using special tools. Once plaque and tartar are safely removed, we will polish your teeth with a special paste, in order to discourage plaque from sticking back to the surface of your teeth. This process will leave your teeth less vulnerable to bacteria.

Once your teeth and gums are thoroughly cleaned, your hygienist in Richmond will perform a last check. After examining your x-rays, they will carefully look at your gums for infection and check the surface of your teeth for tooth decay. If you have any questions or concerns about your oral health, this is the best time to ask. If our finds reveal that you have gum disease or tooth decay, we will discuss your options and create a customised treatment plan for you.

Last but not least, your hygienist in Richmond will offer well-rounded information and advice on your oral health including nutrition, smoking cessation and plaque control.


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